Allan Webber at Marino Rocks May 2016

Let There Be Light

Allan Webber 2017  B Sc, Grad Dip Ed Admin (Adel Uni)


The Beginning of the Big.

I am on the verge of the abyss. When I close my eyes and release all other thoughts I see the eye, a white well shaped eye into which I go then quickly fall asleep.

When I wake there are new thoughts in my head. Like last night when I once more felt that from which our Universe sprang. There is no void.

Fractal Chaos generatorI now know a storm, immense beyond my understanding. This storm is beyond time and size yet holds the turmoil that seeds our Universe.

It has laws but only those of conservation are familiar. It has change, constant furious change, that rages in dimensions that I cannot know.

And yet there is the law of numbers where things add and add repeatedly, where arithmetic-based patterns result from the shaping hand of the infernos' fury.

But time, space, matter and energy all have no meaning in this cauldron as it binds and breaks without any enduring rule or reason.

Yet I also felt our Universe begin as part of that turmoil and it began with the shaping of the zero and the one. I watched through the eye that allows man to go beyond himself and I felt the shaping of a zone that held the pattern of the one, here was the property of continuity separating from the zero-fury of the parent chaos.

And I sensed that this continuity would not be easily broken for the bounds had changed by the formation of the one.

This was no ordinary continuity to be broken by the next phase of turmoil for the one offered it a protection.

There was no choice; things were patterned, instantly shaped into the numbering that a self-reinforcing continuity imposes.

Yet there was a dread, the horror in knowing the storm still claimed the Universe was its own. The oneness of continuity is not eternal only the zero can make that claim.

But now there was a beauty in the zone, a beauty shaped by one and minus one. The patterns of their numbers were yet to unfurl but they were there. The Universe had begun and in it there was the material, the one and its counterpart the non material.

I knew I would return; I wanted more; I needed to see what the eye would yield, to follow its vision and know the path the Universe took in becoming what I once mistakenly thought was real.


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