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Nostradamus C1 Q5: Litigation increases dramatically over 21st C pollution woes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse define quite clearly a scenario consistent with that in the text but it is a story of our time and acts as a calendar marker for one of the more important mutations that threaten our world. It is quite unexpected that any verse by Nostradamus would include reference to the health hazards of cigarettes and the harmful impact of carbon yet there are quite powerful anagrams in the verse which support such a tale. It is evident that these issues involve a long drawn out fight and those living in the country are likely to experience the greatest harm.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

four regional combat has seers re-assess batch - Seas proton Urfa (Turkey) recooling - longer comb Cologne friar Congo scathes
Chaſſes ſeront pour faire long combat

player sportfulness pleasure pyranoses reappeals for sensory gesture paralyses sensatory prayerless essay
Par le pays ſeront plus fort greues

abbot urge eructation (belching)plugs- reputation branded about
banded cigarette
Bourg et cite auront plus grand debat

arcanas proves cause persecutor owe Czar power-source craze Bonne Baron prosecute contour Europes worse counterpose born
Carcaſ Narbonne auront coeur eſprouuez
# Pyranose is a collective term for carbohydrates that have a chemical structure that includes a six-membered ring consisting of five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.
They will be driven away for a long drawn out fight
The countryside will be most grievously troubled.
Town and country will have greater struggle.
Carcassonne and Narbonne will have their hearts tried
Chaſſes ſeront pour faire long combat
Par le pays ſeront plus fort greues
Bourg et cite auront plus grand debat
Carcaſ Narbonne auront coeur eſprouuez
L1: <norSe tupor gierfalcon Combat aSheS><four regional><cologne friar><reasSSeSs batCh><ur SeeS proton long afire><a longer comb SCatheS norSe tupor>congo fairer

L2: <player Sportfulness Pause><norSe Peruse paralyse><aPparel for Sensory gesture><prayerleSs Pause><norSE Pleasure pays><for Sensatory><pyranoSes (cyclic carbohydrate isomer) pleasure>

L3: <aBout not branded cigarette plugs ><reputation etc><aBbot urge><our branded plugs get eructation (burping)>

L4: <europeS Czar rouu><arcaNaS born><counter pouuerS Craze><proSecute rouu Craze><perSecutor ouue baron Car Scan><a-neutron repouuers carbon-aceous carz><carboN-aceuz carS a-neutron pouuer-source>
1: sportfulness, gierfalcon, persecutor, prayerless, pyranoses, cigarette, paralyses, abbot, Czar,
2: pouuer-source, reputation, sensatory, batch,
3: eructation, Cologne, players, Congo, assess,
4: counterpose, prosecute, reappeals, regional, contour, apparels, branded, repayal, about, banded, sashes, cauze,
5: plutons (2x), reassess, uuorze, friar, boat,
6: parley, essay,
7: sensory, apparel, craze,
8: says,
9: brogue, gesture, fairer,
10: sachets / scathes, alienor,
11: barns,
12: barons,
13: -
14: pleasure, longer, Bonne,
15: Burgo, pays,
16: pouuers, proton, refail, cog,
17: -
18: -
19: Europes, bout,
20: beat / beta,
21: chats, baron,
22: croton,
23: -

Key Ideas:

sportfulness, players, prayerless, persecutor, branded, cigarette, cause, batch, eructation, paralyses, abbot, prosecute, friar, reappeals, about, pyranoses, sensatory, contour, Czar, assess, Congo, pouuer-source, reputation, counterpose, regional, repayal, banded, sashes, Cologne, worse, sensory, craze, fairer, essay, gesture, says, longer, pleasure, proton, powers, scathes, Europes, Barons.



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