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Nostradamus C1 Q08: The 16thC religious divide underpinning the 22ndC war of the Holy Grail
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsThere are many verses where the anagrams defy the odds that they are the products of chance and this is one of them. One anagram that acts as a focal point for this verse has an unusual distribution. It is that for Ravestein (L2: res et vain.. L4: ra tes vein) and it occurs in two lines here but only in two other verses.

In C8 Q06  Nostradamus derides the writer called Tiletanus who attacked 'heretical-views' as denounced in the Council of Trent. Now Tiletanus was a pseudonym for Josse Ravestein so this name directs our attention to ecclestiatical debate in the late 16th century. And to this end it is notable that this verse also holds anagrams for evangelistaries (ira tes veines La g), evangelisers (es veines La gr), evangelises (es veines La g), monasterial (aire Ton mal s'), sepulchres (che. Plus ſer), San Grael (es La gran), Graals (s La gra) and evilness (s veines L).

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C1 Q08 Personal Genomic Evilness UnforseenBut there are anagrams related to the modern era and those related to the 16th century are the couriers of the culture that besets our future.  Anagrams that define this include the sequence filling the whole of the first line saying define precisions isolate microbe (ien de f_ois prinſe c_ite ſola_ire Comb). Then there are, varieties (ira tes vei), inspires (is prinſe),  epoch (0che P), eras changes  (Sera_s change) and esoterical biome (te ſolaire C_ombie) . And the third line also offers anagrams using each and every letter only once  plasma scrophules era reattribution (mal s'ap _proche. Plus ſ_era_tr ibutaire Ton). This barrage of connnections  to seemingly relevant issues is too large to be the product of chance. By its presence and the prominence of the anagrams for licentious  and seduction in the paired verse it isolates sexual behaviour as a factor that Nostradamus' thought reflected the decadence of the two centuries on which he wrote. 

Evilness as found in the last line's anagrams is one of the synonyms for decadence and its presence makes it a likely place for that theme to be developed by Nostradamus within this set of five paired verses. I opted to pair C1 Q58 with C1 Q64  because their content makes a bridge between his own life time and modern events impacting directly on the areas in which he lived.

# Scrofula (Scrophules) had a special place in the divine right of English and French kings who by the touch of a hand were supposed to be able to dispel the plasma and cure this tubercular disease.

C1 Q08
Original Verse in English and French (Benoit Ed.)

How often will you be captured, O city of the sun
Changing laws that are barbaric and vain.
Bad times approach you. More will be dependent.
Great Hadrie will revive your veins.
Combien de fois prinſe cite ſolaire
Seras changeant les loys barbares et vaines
Ton mal s'approche. Plus ſera tributaire
La grand Hadrie recourira tes veines.
L1: <Since Combined foe is aeroliteS><miCrobe perSonifies Societal end><preciSionist alSo define miCrobe><iSolate miCrobe princeSs define><recipientS also define miCrobe><princeSs eSoteriCal biome><~eSoterical inSpires foe Combined~><a miCrobe define SelectionS / SectionaliSe>.

L2: <~raveStein agent Sees arab enarchs sell boys><sEer changes vainest eras also sell boys><Seer bars solely bear stave changes /agent><anarcheSs agent sell bearers native boys><cash entangles><leanest arab boys><eraS changes bearers sell aSsentive boys> elegant crashes berates

L3: <SePulchres but a monasTerial prop><plasma PleaSures reattribution><as Sepulchres monTreal prop><arbiterS schophule appals><but amelioranTs prop arreSt a Pulse><crop sPherules but no iraTe plasma> aSsure saloman ePoch rePulSes

L4: <~ravestein Had dire san-graeL courier><and vaster Lineages Hardier courier><angeL varieties><i rate evilness / vileness Hardier courier>><and evangeLisers Hardier courier><aLgerians hand vesta /stave Hardier courier><~seventies garLand a Hardier courier~><and reLeasing vaster Hardier courier><~etruria envies garLands Hardier core~><ravestein garLand Haredi (ultra conservative Jew) courier> irrelativeness
1: evangelistaries, reattribution, irrelativeness, precisionist, sectionalise, evangelisers, personified, personifies, evangelises, sepulchres, combined, spherules, assentive, varieties, microbe,
2: monasterial, ameliorant, selections, Algerians, inspires, natives, / vainest, plasma, boys,
3: scrophules, esoterical, arbiters, Saloman, anarchs,
4: scrophule, Ravestein (2 in this verse) societal, seventies, caresses, solely, appals,
5: entangles, evilness / vileness / veinless, incites, airtube, hardier, barbs, raider,
6: mentorial, combine, Princess, entangle, biome,
7: recipients, Montreals, aerolites, lineages, stollen, repulses, help,
8: isolate, courier, native, Haredi, arrests, define, crash,
9: releasing, Sangrael / Sangreal, Etruria, Graals, epoch, hand,
10: garlands, berates, rebates,
11: pleasures, sailor, bearers, tells,
12: changes, Aschera, averts / vaster / starve,
13: montreal, direr, drier, hard,
14: stave /vesta (2x in this verse), abut,
15: rebase, lags,
16: -
17: Princes, Iosef,
18: chopper, elegant, leanest, but,
19: gales,
20: -
21: chasers / crashes,
22: encites, larges / Graels, had,
23: caress / scares.

evangelistaries, reattribution, sepulchres, combined, microbe, varieties, esoterical, scrophules, inspires, Algerians, ameliorant, plasma, selections, Ravestein, societal, evilness, appals, biome, entangle, recipients, lineages, aerolites, isolate, hardier, courier, define, crash, releasing, Sangrael epoch.



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