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Nostradamus C1 Q12: Disease and debt at end of 21st C mark man's turning fortunes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus presents his view that diseases such as leprosy are a blight on the concept of Gods and Goddesses and that issues highlighting this failing will become more apparent at the time the Polestar reaches its zenith and Al-Gedi is in its most upturned phase.

Relevant anagrams in this verse from which the text gains meaning include:

afraid tubercule curable figurate unelapsed after pleadings Daniel upraised leading, al-Ged upside
Dans peu dira faulce brute fragile

salute Europe prompt debasement unleash levees emportment debase debates debt
De bas en hault eſleue promptement

Pessinuntia oldest lay pliable insinuates oldest tannins supine attends alloys loyal table liable
Puis en instant deſloyale et labile

Argo renewment Wagoneer men quit - ten quiver over Anne - owner environed wide .
Qui de Veronne aura gouuerneme

# Pessinuntia Or Pessinuntis (Pessinountis) : surname of the Earth Goddess Cybele (aka Isis and Thea) which she derived from the town of Pessinus, in Galatia.

Algedi: Arabic name for the constellation of Capricornus.
In shortened words, a rough, fragile falseness
Of low in high quickly raised.
Then in an instant disloyalty and spite.
This man will govern Verona.
Dans peu dira faulce brute fragile
De bas en hault eſleue promptement
Puis en instant deſloyale et labile
Qui de Veronne aura gouuernement
L1: <brute fear uaried pleaDings> <afraid tubercule far aligneD><upraised after bruce aligneD><afraid unelapseD figurate clue><elucubrate (long writings) far aligneD><upraised laDen frigate> leaDing Denial curable

L2: <Debasement prompt><leSt europe men unleash a Debt><emportment Debase><men unleash Debate tempo> Salute leperouS

L3: <oldeSt tannins><~insinuates dentS Pliable alloy~><~insinuates dentS belate loyal pile~> <Pile insinuates table><Pessinuntia (Phrygian surname for Cybele / Thea / Isis: mother goddess) liable elate Soyled>

L4: <~none QuiVered aura renuument go><men Quit><urea enVironed><reneuu argo men Quit>
1: Pessinuntia, elucubrate, debasement, tubercule, reneuument, quivered, figurate, pliable, curable,
2: debatement, insinuates, pleadings, poem-rules, UUagoneer,
3: tannins, frigate, unleash, debates, endebt,
4: -
5: emportment, dealings, debase,
6: upraised, afraid, belate, 
7: instant, agrief, Gledi, reneuu,
8: aligned / dealing / leading, attends, al-Gedi, oldest,
9: environed, belial / labile / liable, repulse, upends,
10: unelapsed, alloys, upside, vuide / uvide, based,
11: prompt, tells,
12: -
13: brute / rebut,
14: denial / Daniel, supine, grail,
15: leperous, uaried,
16: dupes, Albi / Bali, over,
17: beans,
18: alloy / loyal, ouuner, table,
19: ideal,
20: debt,
21: salute,
22: Europe, quid, Argo,
23: leuees / sleeue.

Key Ideas:

Pessinuntia, debasement, leperous, tubercule, figurate, renewment, insinuates, pliable, quivered, curable, pleadings, unleash, tannins, emportment, leading, debates, afraid, debase, oldest, Wagoneer, upraised, supine, al-Gedi, attends, environed, upside, unelapsed, labile, alloys, wide, based, prompt, brute, denial, tells, grail, table, varied, over, beans, loyal, ouuner, ideal, debt, Europe, salute, levees.



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