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Nostradamus C1 Q19: The legends that generate the prophets visions of a new ape species.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus read the future by using emotive triggers so what we see in his verse is often a mix of these allusions with defining elements that show the part they place as prophecies. One of the common sources for Nostradamus is the Nordic legends and so his first line of text talks of Serpents and the anagrams of that same line mention the Nordien circuit with twists that give it a tricircular role while in the next line we have astrogeny (beliefs about the creation of the stars). The circuit described by these anagrams is similar to the image I have used for the backgound to this page which represents the World Serpent in Norse astrogeny and it illustrates the tale of the serpent encircling the World and forming a closed circuit by holding its tail in its mouth.There is a second theme raised by 'the Trojan blood' in which the anagrams of that same line are dominated by one for Laestrygones  (giant blood-drinking cannibals named in Homer's Odysseus).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

pensive Nordien circuit tricircular roles reques[t]s serpen[t]s vines supervene 
Lors que ſerpens viendront circuirlare

Laestrygones envy lesser apes agileness pleasing angels - even apes paperless lineages pleases Nogarets negatory astrogeny
Le ſang Troyen vexe par les Eſpaignes

regulars rule bondman serene era Africa cafeterias repeat
Par eulx grand nombre en ſera faicte tare

lands and seas caginess assign huffier catchet USA dreams
Chef fruict, cache aux mares dans les ſaignes
# Laestrygones :a tribe of giant blood-drinking cannibals from ancient Greek mythology.
astrogeny: the creation or evolution of the stars or the heavens.
When the snakes surround the altar,
and the Trojan blood is troubled by the Spanish.
Because of them, a great number will be lessened.
The leader flees, hidden in the swampy marshes.
Lors que ſerpens viendront circuirlare
Le ſang Troyen vexe par les Eſpaignes
Par eulx grand nombre en ſera faicte tare
Chef fruict, cache aux mares dans les ſaignes
L1: <nordien circuit Supervenes><nordien tricircular roLes><pensive nord queerS tricircular roles>oraqLes-ruleS preSeen

L2: <LaeSTrygones (giant cannibals) gain Sleeps><ex-envoy granTS papErleSs Lineages><even lesser apex plEaSing agenTS><even less negaTory Sleeps gain apex> <even singLe apex plEaSes aSTrogeny (evolution of stars> <nogareTS envy pLeasing lESser apex>agiLeneSs LeanneSs envy

L3: <mob reSeen / Serene africa treat aPe rulex><ere francaiSe treat bondman><and regularx crePitate (make cracking noises) Serene mob afar><cafeteriaS regularx rePeat>

L4: <marx slanders ageneSis (born without an organ)><~uxa use-Chiffre aSsign c (100) lanes dreams cachet~><huffier leSs Caginess><uxa cachet a dreams gainleSsness>catch agileneSs Ceasing
1: huffier, Laestrygones, caginess, crepitate, use-chiffre, tricircular, gainlessness, supervenes, regularx,
2: Francaise, circuit,
3: -
4: negatory, agileness (2x), agenesis, leanness, assign, envoy, apex,
5: paperless, slanders,
6: astrogeny, ceasing, pensive, vespine, cachet, Marx,
7: bonderman, cafeterias, bondman, quorre, vesperin, lineages, catch,
8: enseals, envy,
9: ember,
10: -
11: elapsing / pleasing, Nogarets, Africa,
12: -
13: tangles,
14: -
15: single, lasses, serener,
16: -
17: elapses / pleases, amuxe, gains,
18: -
19: -
20: strangle, dreams,
21: -
22: lessen,
23: -

Key Ideas:

huffier, Laestrygones, caginess, crepitate, Francaise, use-chiffre, tricircular, circuit, agenesis, supervenes, regulars, negatory, gainlessness, agileness, leanness, assign, pensive, envoy, paperless, slanders, astrogeny, apex, ceasing, Marx, bondman, cachet, lineages, lessen, envy, pleasing, Nogarets, Africa, cafeterias, strangle, single, lasses, pleases, amuxe, gains, serener, dreams.


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