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Nostradamus C01 Q25: Pasteur is N's ideal for godless honours.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 1 Quatrain 25 Icelanders discover Centuries lost secretsThis verse has the hallmarks of being a road-sign. In it Nostradamus uses imagery at the text and hidden level to mark out seven distinct events of historical significance. I believe they are part of the story of the religious divide between those who believe Christ was a gifted mortal and those who believe he was related to God.

The prominent anagrams that help in giving this verse's meaning include:

1. Pericles detour uurote on chalcogenides touuer Godliness
2. Seer separates ventures true remedy as true honour die
3. Androgenesis equals all generous readings aliens silenced
4. true events asserted shared onshore para-western ventures
Par autres vents sera deshonore
The lost thing is discovered, hidden for many centuries
Pasteur will be celebrated almost as a God-like figure
This is when the moon completes her great cycle,
but by other rumors he shall be dishonored.
Perdu trouue cache de ſi long ſiecle
Sera Pasteur demy Dieu honore
Ains que la Lune acheue ſon grand ſiecle
Par autres vents sera deshonore

According to Wikipedia on June 8, 1886 Louis Pasteur received the highest class. award of the order of Medjidie from the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Now the second line of this verse which holds the name Pasteur hints at recognition of high status and although my anagram analysis renders demy Dieu honore in a different way it could be seen as an anagram of medydie honour and thereby provide an essential defining link to the text. Edessa is also referenced through the anagrams and it too has strong ties to the Ottoman Empire since it is located in central Turkey.

Edessa lay in the region called Oshroene or Osroene (also called Edessa), an area that was semi or completely autonomous from 132BCE to 244CE. The anagram for Oshroene only occurs twice and both are in this verse. The anagram for Osroene only occurs once and it is found in the second line. So the anagrams are such that they identify a single place and there are at least two periods of time able to be defined. The anagrams of the fourth line suggest there are a total of seven that will be identified.

The third line offers a confirmation that 1886 is a critical date. After 337 lunar cycles 326.97 solar years have passed and so the perfect cycles favoured by Nostradamus are applicable. Now 1555+327 equals 1882 and 1886 then fits into the slot defined by the third line. However the first occasion when a higher perfection is achieved involves 403 lunar cycles. This takes almost exaclty 391 solar years to occur and in so doing the great cycle sets another date of 1555+391= 1946 CE.

  1. <i uurote each Preclude godlineSS><chalcogenideS [alkalides] ecliPse touuer>
  2. <my rude Die [template] SeParates honour><oSrhoene [ancient Edessa] Past era> < Pastured> <onShore>
  3. <icelanderS Song equal A sin><and each slice anul a generouS sin> <organ he use declines>
  4. <onshore ventures asserted>< Osrhoene [Ancient Edessa] aPertura [small window] events><reads seven sets><edessa(r) events aPertura>
  1. 1. chalcogenides, honour
  2. 2. Godliness, Osrhoene (2x), onshore (2x), ventures / vuestern, surgeon
  3. 3. preclude, Icelands
  4. 4. androgenesis, separates, asserted, cached,
  5. 5. eclipse, runestave, prelude, shared
  6. 6. generous, Icelanders, adheres
  7. 7. reouted, grandson, shone,
  8. 8. declines, apertura, silenced, nerves,
  9. 10. Hades / heads, quins,
  10. 10.Leonids,
  11. 11. events, vents, heeds
  12. 12.pastured
  13. 13.Isolde, organs, opera,
  14. drains
  15. Patras,
  16. seven,
  17. pasture, shed
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -,
  21. -,
  22. Redseas, Tudor, song (2x)
  23. couture.

Key Ideas:

chalcogenides, Osrhoene, Godliness, honour, ventures, preclude, western onshore, surgeon, androgenesis, separates, eclipse, generous, Icelanders, shared, runestave, silenced, nerves, quins, Leonids, events, Isolde, organs, opera, song, drains Patras, Redsea, pasture, shed.


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