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Nostradamus C1 Q28: The allusion of barbarity that dogs the wars of the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C1 Q28  Papera maps quivers Sphere Base QuellsCenturiesIn this verse Nostradamus relates the barbaric nature of the war to come in this century to those of older times. These wars involved hideous acts of cruelty and in our times these actions are related to persons in the Christian Church in Rome.

It is likely that the constellation dating in the fourth line represents two different times during which the Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in close alignment. Over the period 1CE to 2400CE this type of event occurred in Taurus during 292CE and 1146CE (time of second crusade) while its only occurrence in Libra was 392CE. In November 2100CE a conjunction of these planets will occur but it is slightly displaced with it being in Virgo but close to the boundaries of Libra.

Anagrams from which the keys will come include:

1. Tafurs best Arab unafraid obdurate Cracow alter
2. Papers maps longest quivers unique sphere base quell
3. Eudoxus elegiambus [meter] used doubtless forsent grant liberates beast
4. Requitable waters quell tribal wars brutalise more  equip 

# Eudoxus: a highly rated early Greek astronomer and mathematician who invented astronomic globe.
The tower of Boucq wiil fear the barbarian fleet for a time,
then much later the Western fleet.
Cattle, people, possessions, all will be quite lost
What a deadly combat in Taurus and Libra.
La tour de Boucq craindra fuſte Barbare
Vn temps,long temps apres barque heſperique
Beſtail, ges meubles tous deux feront grant tare
Taurus et Libra quelle morelle pique

L1: <in quoccra (Kracow) Be arab reaL tafurS ( Christian cannibals in 1st Crusade) oBtrude><bare BreaSt fraud in racq><reaL Barb in oBdurate quoccra>

L2: <longest maps><he re-equipS barques long papers met><barques papers Vnique Sphere><eVent re-equipS><base papers met> <vnique peSher>

L3: <treat elegiambus / iambegelus (meter) used to grant BeSt ><doubtless not refuxe grant liBerateS bluest gems><solute used><eudoxus (4th C BCE Gk) blest>

L4: subLiTerature equal rome><resuLt Qabir><equip sTeuuart><requiTable uuaters equip>uuastrel brutaLise

1: sub-literature, requitable, doubtless, millepore, Quoccra, tribal, arcq (cq=k),
2: elegiambus / iambelegus, brutalise, liberates, unafraid, legumes, 
3: Steuuart, barques, quiver, Tafurs,
4: obdurate, Eudoxus, frauds, refuxe, Faust, forex,
5: boletus, bastile, bemuse / embues, Qabir,
6: longest maps, uuastrel / UUalters, uniqve,
7: doubter / obtrude, refuxed, equipt, bluest / subtle, uuarts, buraq / burqa (x2), barrel,
8: longest, bristle / blister, pampers, ligate, batter, quell, belts, gems,
9: libra, uuart,
10: re-equips, barque (x2), berates / rebates, iseult, uterus / suture, robed, tubes,
11: re-equip, uuaters, Pesher, sphere, sheep,
12: requips, breast / barest, arable,  
13: Elouisa, restores, douses,
14: uuater, uuars,
15: Doube, uuares / uuears / suuear, rebase,
16: radian, bees,
17: Euclid, restore, gets,
18: solutes, fraud, Pelle, beset,
19: -,
20: blues, beat / beta,
21: ousted,
22: solute, tudor, beast / beats (x2), 
23: result.

Key Ideas:

sub-literature, doubtless, requitable, Quoccra, tribal, ark, Tafurs, brutalise, Stewart, liberates, unafraid, quiver, obdurate, Eudoxus, frauds, refuxe, Qabir, longest maps, unique, barrel, obtrude, subtle, tubes re-equip, elegiambus, wars, waters, restores, Euclid, sphere.



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