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Nostradamus C1 Q29: The five petalled objects from meteors that wash ashore.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

C1Q29FishLndSeaMeteorsFrromgntsmSpermries.png (540×350)This is a most intriguing verse and it is part of the Fire from the Sky series. This is made clear by anagrams such as meteors and quinquepetaloid stones which means stones that have a the shape of five petals. In preparing this verse I had to go out before it was complete but as I went to turn my laptop off I noticed a simple message that I had missed which says awe aS See other Strange form. Now this comes out of line three whose text says its shape foreign, smooth and frightful yet I had not re-read the verse before writing the anagrams and its content wasn't in the forefont of my mind.

The text of the verse has a highly sinister tone and the details from the anagrams do not alter this picture. What we get is more about the place where it occurs and about the dread affects of the creature spawned in the sea from meteoric material. It has many similarities to C1 Q55 and their stories have a high probability of being complementary.

The anagrams that provide the hidden framework include:

1. Quite unequaled quinque-petaloid stones trees re-equate
2. Forepart vague auguries awe agrieves armies
3. Other aquifiers fearsome agreements meteors ferromagnets generates auue
4. Benoist notes enn lest semen impairs spermaries swarm
When the fish that travels over both land and sea
is cast up on to the shore by a great wave,
its shape foreign, smooth and frightful.
From the sea the enemies soon reach the walls.
Quand le poiſſon tereſtre et aquatique
Par forte vague au grauier ſera mis
Sa forme eſtrange ſuaue et horrifique
Par mer aux murs bien toſt les ennemis.
L1: <Street tree aqua poiSes on Queiq (Aleppo river) land><Street tree poiSons uneQualed><Quqite (Edessan sect) poiSons Street tree><So equate quiet palinodeS (form of odes) enter reSt><onSetS / StoneS equate a Quinquepetaloid (like 5 petals) rest>uuaQen deSpoilS

L2: <uuager vega /gave a reuiser aims><armies / maries vague augur forePart rise><far Spermaries overt><for Paris rearmS><a augur marrieS vague foreParts><Pamiers far voter arriues><vague uuar-age riSe>

L3: < auue aS See other Strange form><if heritor greatneSs auue><auu generateS><generateS fearSome Use><other quarifierS><uSa meteorS Safe range><aS agreementS for>< ferromagnetS uSe><aS eaStern uSage form>< meterS for guanase (animal enzyme)>

L4: <lest benoiSt uuarmx Prearm mines><number-six><benoist enns letS Pamier rearm> <Paris turbines / tribunes loSt men seen>bruxism (excessive ginding of teeth)
# Quqite: ancient Gnostic sect based around Edessa in Turkey.
Quueiq: The Quueiq (Aleppo) River flows through Aleppo in Northern Syria on its way to the Aleppo basin.
# guanase : a de-aminase of the liver that catalyzes hydrolysis of guanine into xanthine and ammonia; the first step in purine degradation.
# erbium : is a silvery-white chemical element in the Lanthanide series. It is a rare earth used in production of lasers.
1: quinque-petaloid, quinquepedal, ferromagnets, despoils, bruxism, 
2: fearsome, palinodes, equate,
3: Quqite, gave / Vega,
4: unequaled, tribunes / turbines, forepart, vague, uuar-age
5: persian-men, spermaries, agreements, guanase,
6: erbiums, marries, overt / voter,
7: planed,
8: meteors,
9: Queiq, buries / busier,
10: Bernuis, genus,
11: Benoist, other, uuage, avert,
12: poisons, from / form, Thor,
13: enstream, onsets / stones, augur, ribs,
14: prearms, uuaqen,
15: -
16: rearms, aqua,
17: greatness, arriue, lost,
18: ramps,
19: Pamiers (2x),
20: guuar-age enerates / teenagers,
21: -
22: uuager,
23: Maris.

quinque-petaloid, quinquepedal, ferromagnets, despoils, equate, fearsome, palinodes, Quqite, gave, unequaled, turbines, spermaries, forepart, agreements, marries, guanase, erbiums, overt, meteors, stones, buries, Queiq, Benoist, avert, other, poisons,generates, from, Thor, augur, enstream, aqua, greatness, arrive, Pamiers, lost.



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