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Nostradamus C1 Q30: Malpractices that unite women in a war against the export - import trade.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Austruan port resonsible for importing deadly minerals during a time of warThis verse describes a specific incident in its text and a wider context in its anagrams. In total it is the story of a shipping trade between Austria and Boston which comes under threat because of acts of rape that are not addressed in any form. In several verses in this section there are references to bellicose females and in this verse we have the anagrams for rape imports Bellona, with Bellona being the Roman Goddess of war. This unifies the verses content into a concept where women will rise up against patriarchs whose inactions increase their vulnerability.

The anagrams from which the structure of this verse will come include:

1. Fenestra grant freest page real route meant linear mineral repromulgate
2. Raper prospered interposed incongruent counteropening above Durer
3. Boston botanists boast stating designs Palmier disagreements remade Pau mineral
4. Rapes import Bellona Austrian adventur[e] starved
# Bellona: an Ancient Roman Goddess of War, corresponding to the Ancient Greek Enyo. She was called the sister of Mars, and in some sources, his wife or an associate of his female cult partner Nerio.
fenestra : this is a Latin word meaning 'window' and describes a small opening.
plenarium : a single collection of religious formulae.
Because of the storm at sea the foreign ship
will approach an unknown port.
Notwithstanding the signs of the palm branches,
afterwards there is death and pillage. Good advice.
Le nef eſtrange par le tourment marin
Abourdera pres de port incongneu
Nonobſtant ſignes de rameau palmerin
Apres mort pille bon auis tard venu.
L1: <feneStra (small opening) let page remount mineraL><feneStra remount paler terminaL><remount paler fenneL reagentS><agen freeSt remount paler terminaL><feneStra meant repromulgate Liner><preSageant fenneL raiment tumor> faSter route

L2:<ruder counteropening spread><uuar-robed copresident rape><ruder posed rape incongruent><Aboue ruder pointer spread><Arboured portside rape><rued Aboue conning sported raper><raper interposed> prospered

L3: <boSton iNner palm deSignantS><a plenarium (religious formulae list) diSagreementS><inNer palm reads boSton antigenS<NonbotaniStS up mineral genders><Non-mineral boatS><taintS gendarmes>deSigners dreams reaSSigned Stating redsea renegadiSm / germaniSed

L4: <port uvarned / uuarden remAps ill isobutane><~vuarned imports suit Bellona (Roman Goddess of War) rape~)<misreport imposter on austria bell><uvarned libel remAps its port><austria bone pill tremors vuAned><austrian importers unpAved> starved verdun

10: deposer, Verdun,
11: protein / pointer, mineral (2x),
12: Aniou,
13: page,
14: tumor,
15: faster, posed, vnder,
16: remount, sperm,
17: raiment, drapers, triads,
18: freest, miner, liner,
19: noble, lamp / palm,
20: dreams,
21: deport, taints, Durer / ruder,
22: libel,
23: linear.

incongruent, fenestrae, counteropening, non-mineral, importers, repromulgate, Boston, copresident, assenting, interposed, botanists, fennel, above, isobutane, war-robed, designers, prospered, stating, arboured, terminal, boon, portside, disagreements, conning, starved, boats, reassigned, Austrian, presageant, renegadism, import, antigens, deports, inner, mineral, tremors.



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