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Nostradamus C01 Q32: Material from a comet leads to a new being
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, May 2023

The Calamity verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesEmpire Church Antichrist Nostradamus Epistle quoteWhen reading any of Nostradamus' verses people have had to rely on external events in order to interpret its significance. Throughout my work I show how the anagrams of each line deliver a structure that, as Nostradamus claimed, has one and only one meaning. The degree to which this hidden material can lead us along unexpected paths is well illustrated by this particular verse.

The first line tells us to start from the great Empire but to convert it to a time when biology is capable of changing the old time basics. The second line tells us to take particular note of a human seed while the third tells us that there is to be an injection of spores from a comet into that seed from which will grow a special son. There are also anagrams for two rare earths niobite and seleniuret whose components are used in the modern electronics industry.

The anagrams that will provide the frame for understanding this verse include:

legates enlarged premise rotates gendarme semiprostrate arteries to start aslant
Le grand empire ſera toſt tranſlate

Benoist quit  to invest by ostentive, doctrinaires Seleniuret type Niobite recreations
En lieu petit qui bien toſt viendra croiſtre

feminine d'Guise / guides comet Jubilee
Lieu bien infime d'exigue comte

Europe-invaders juvenile son prosecute Wiliaem  pardons Norse invader  percutaneous spores
Ou au milieu viendra poſer ſon ſceptre
The great Empire will soon be exchanged
for a small place, which soon will begin to grow.
A small place of tiny area
in the middle of which he will come to lay down his arms.
Le grand empire ſera toſt tranſlate
En lieu petit qui bien toſt viendra croiſtre
Lieu bien infime d'exigue comte
Ou au milieu viendra poſer ſon ſceptre

L1: <~enLarged alterantS rotateS primeS~><So arterieS dampen><Start to eraSe Legate reprimand><gendarme respire> <~enLarged SemiproStrate alterantS~><Sealant enLarged premiSe>eaSter

L2: <benoit inveSt quit tie up linE><EntrieS rancored><rEcreationS driven><raceriotS driven> <coriander EnterS>Soviet doctrinairES oStensive corSair rESilent rioters

L3: <feminine guidex comet lie><nine if deem iubiLee comet>

L4: <~uuiliem operaS driven prOSecute a Son~><~invader reSpect uuiliem oua (ova) pOorneSS~>< invader Spores uuiliem no reSpect><mi rule-divine So a percutaneous Spore><unvaried Spore Son reSpect>

1: Europe-invaders, doctrinaires, percutaneous, feminine, guidex,
2: semiprostrate, overdistant, ostentive, poorness, rancored, niobite, Jubilee,
3: coriander, seleniuret, resilient,
4: counterpose, prosecute, Juvenile, Corsair, 
5: Guixe,
6: divine-rule, unliveried, raceriots,
7: recreations, UUiliaem, unvaried, rotates / rosetta, motile, Soviet,
8: reprimand, impend, spores, comet,
9: alterants, UUiliem, Aesop,
10: pardons, dampen,
11: Pimander, Benoist, arteries, legate,
12: unpile, diex,
13: premieres, Benoit, 
14: start, orate,
15: listener,
16: gendarme, epiderm, primed,
17: sealant, rioters, invest,
18: respect / sceptre / spectre, aslant,
19: premise, primes,
20: respire,
21: derivant,
22: -,
23: -.

Europe-invaders, doctrinaires, feminine, percutaneous, coriander, Seleniuret, guidex, semiprostrate, ostentive, divine-rule, poorness, rancored, niobite, Jubilee, resilient, juvenile, recreations, gendarme, prosecute, pardons, dampen, Benoist, arteries, Corsair, Soviet, reprimand, unvaried, comet, motile, spores, start, derivant, premise, rioters, respect.


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