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Nostradamus C1 Q34: Guise family gene passed on through a rape victim.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C1 Q34  Agennos Bird of Prey Battle Good OmenThe text of this verse is designed to present a true account while throwing the reader off course. The anagrams redirect the picture making it a story of aerial borne viruses that afflict shipping routes and which affect the birth of the Guise family line in France. The theme of a royal family birth is carried through the anagrams for Latona lanes reset, Dryope natal love, rape aware and Guise insert where the classics imply Latona represents a mother of a noble family and Dryope represents the woman who carries the child after being raped by Latona's son.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Dryope lover overly persuade Latona sealant enters sealanes
. Oceanaut cannot afflict Franco prays USA aware warrantee afunctional
3. Lunar manual by Guise genius ; big lentiviruses
4. Baron Wagner partial foe retained oil pertained  guru
# lentiviruses : a retrovirus characterized by a long incubation period which can deliver a significant amount of viral RNA into the DNA of the host cell.
# Latona : Mother by Jupiter of Apollo (Sun) and Dianne (Moon)
Dryope : raped after trickery by Apollo and turned into a tree following the birth of her only child.
The bird of prey flying to the left,
before battle is joined with the French, he makes preparations,
Some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain
The weaker party will regard him as a good omen.
Loyſeau de proye volant a la ſeneſtre
Auant conflict faict aux Francoys pareure
L'vn bon prendra l'vn ambigue ſiniſtre
La partie foyole tiendra par bon augure
L1: <natal / latona lateneSS proved eaSy roLe><dryope love a natal SenSe><a Sealant oval eyedrop enterS><aS natal love enterS><latona alertneSs><Leroy perSuades SenateS natal love><enSealS latona><enterS atlaS><latona Seal reLentS><perSuade Sealanes Loyter>

L2: <Afunctional fact><affliction act><cannot afflict><ureA functional><franco oceAnaut prays uxa> <uuArantee prays><Franx cosy rape auuare><cosy uprear><Franco pays uxa uranate> nonfActual

L3:<bonn (German city) big LentiviruSeS (slow viruses) manval><geniuS trieS iamb manual> <iamb guiSe inSert>

L4: <delineatory foe partiaL uuager born><pertained baron foe partiaL uuager><eparteriaL uuagon><a ruLe of pirate><a part uuarngLe boar><a guru born>deletion retained
1: lentiviruses, sealanes,
2: afunctional, unfactional, functional, nonfactual, eparterial, pertained, uurangle,
3: affliction, delineatory, uuarrantee, oceanaut, partial,
4: deletion, iamb, big,
5: eyedrop, Latona, auuare, cosy,
6: senates, lvnar,
7: UUagner, cannot, Dryope,
8: genius, enseals, repays, prays, atlas, oval, guru,
9: alertness, fact,
10: Franco,
11: easy,
12: uacant, posy, rvle,
13: Guise, refit, coy,
14: -
15: pays,
16: sorely, Bonn, love,
17: sealant,
18: uranate, uprears, aslant,
19: -
20: apart,
21: baron, greuu, 
22: -
23: -

lentiviruses, warrantee, sealanes, afunctional, pertained, oceanaut, eparterial, affliction, unfactional, wrangle, delineatory, big, oval, eyedrop, functional, senates, aware, Wagner, genius, enseals, Latona, Dryope, cosy, lunar, iamb, cannot, refit, vacant, atlas, repays, guru, alertness, prays, easy, fact, baron, Guise, sorely, love, Bonn, sealant, apart, uranate, grew.



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