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Nostradamus C1 Q36: Legacy of the blood line of Christ in Southern France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse like that in verse C5 Q75 has a personal tone while the anagrams of each contain mis-spelt versions of the Prophets name, the names of the two constellations closest to the pole and contain the same anagram sub-alpine which defines a geographical region of influence. These names are part of the historic legacy of the sub-alpine regions of the Pyrenees and Alpilles involving the concept of Christ being a mortal and having a son who lived in the South of France after Christ's crucifixion.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

invader interpret trait model Roman queues
Tard le monarque ſe viendra repentir

Aries neared m'ssia-savior innermost motors Nostradamous adviser raise
De n'auoir mis a mort ſon aduerſaire

Pauline has nomenclaturist consult aims diviners brand punishable - subalpine Haultpuls consent  divines contents Bernadin Arabien Nestorianism driven 
Mais viendra bien a plus hault conſentir

reformat after feared aquifer quote setout on pagan's program
Que tout ſon ſang par mort fera deffaire

# Nestorianism: A Christian belief which emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ.
Too late the king will repent
that he did not put his adversary to death.
But he will soon come to agree to far greater things
which will cause all his line to die.
Tard le monarque ſe viendra repentir
De n'auoir mis a mort ſon aduerſaire
Mais viendra bien a plus hault conſentir
Que tout ſon ſang par mort fera deffaire

L1: <~a older-man inTerpret invader quaereS (legal queries)~><arqueS / Square rare omen envied> <qoran uSe envied> roman model inverSed quran repent niTrate / Tertian

L2: <noStradamous re-raiSeD><noStradamos urSae Denier><aireD urSa-minor-astronomies><and urSae motorS aims><urSae riDe mismar (Polestar) tornados>arSeniDe aStound

L3: <invaders aiM punishable><conSult diviners raiMent><neStorianiSm invader ha(s) subalpine cult><raiMent conSult has pauline brand><interoSculant (linking) aiMs driven><haultpul's arabien conSent>noMencluratiSt SeMinarist InnerMoSt contentS conSent inSeMinators inSert Sonnet

L4: <after program Setout Son fed aQuifer><paganS feared Son tout aQuifer><reQuote affidare (loyalty oath) reformat> StannouS reQuite / Quieter Queer

1: nomenclaturist, inter-osculant, Nostradamous, Nostradamos, punishable, program, requote,
2: inseminators / Nestorianism, inseminator, seminarist, reformated, subalpine, osculant, tornados, stannous, reformat, Arabien, mismar,
3: contents, diviners, consult, Pauline,
4: Haultpuls, romanesque, Bernadin, affidare, divines, motors, draftee,
5: innermost, fortread, astound, daffier, pagans, pagan, clot,
6: interpret, raiders, uuash,
7: minster, maims, quote,
8: rondeau, plush,
9: reastounds, Terpander, aquifer, nitrate / tertian, interm, model, trait,
10: raiments, quieter / requite, cult,
11: arsenide,
12: Aniou, Emona, trim,
13: pangs, hauls,
14: raffi, visa, gap,
15: almoner,
16: moiras, bard,
17: raiment,
18: aduiser, quaeres, Sirra,
19: brand,
20: consent, stout, inept,
21: Erbian, Amos,
22: Quoran, Qoran,
23: panderer, mortar, armor, maris (2x)

Nostradamous, inter-osculant, program, punishable, nomenclaturist, requote, Nestorianism, seminarist, reformated, subalpine, tornados, Arabien, contents, diviners, consult, Pauline, Haultpuls, Bernadin, affidare, motors, innermost, pagans, astound, interpret, raiders,  quote.

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