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Nostradamus C1 Q37: Lineage details of clan available through financial crisis of 2017.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C1 Q37   Sunset battle encodind art sequelThis verse delivers the watch-points for the financial crisis of 2017. By matching these to the events that will unfold the names of the clans behind the dramas of our century will become clear.

The anagrams that will enable the resolution of the meaning of this verse include:

 1. Unequated sequel slices upend Elloise covens closeness
Encoding-art upend duple conflux unexotic bit  anger 
Practise prose once financier inspector profile
Generalists potent expulsion test ensepulchred pulse extrudes single star angles used
Shortly before sun set, battle is engaged.
A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.
Vn peu deuant que le ſoleil s'eſconſe
Conflict donne grand peuple dubiteux
Profliges, port marin ne faict responce
Pont et ſepulchre en deux eſtranges lieux

L1: <Leo cloSeneSs lies unequated><pen uuanted sequel><sequel upend sliceS oVenS lose> coVenS

L2: <i contend Conflux bite><upend garonne><none ungrappled unexotiC bud>

L3: <impregnators Profile interfaces><once practise>financier person finance inspector mortar nine inner ports

L4: <exPulsion need teSt reagentS uxe><~Potent uxe enSepulchred generaliSts uxe~><~cheer Potent uxe single pulSe undertaxeS~><extrudeS lineages><exPlosiue pulSe grants uxe tent need><releasing exudentS>Pox

1: impregnators, encoding-art, expulsion, undertaxes, explosiue, unequated, ensepulchred, conflux, 
2: underlapped, generalists, closeness, extrudes, isoceles, profile, ossicle,
3: ensepulchre, generalist, unexotic, practise, oilless,
4: precations, interfaces, financier, unsexed, nuexco, potent, closes, lurch,
5: inspector, inceptors, sepulchre, triangles, finance,
6: ungrappled,
7: interface, incloses, lineages, neuu-date, slices,
8: contend, iceless, upped, ovens, inner,
9: releasing,
10: uuanted,
11: upset,
12: bued,
13: lecher, bud, dub,
14: uuaned, ,
15: Garonne, single, Eloise, foil,
16: inaner,
17: greatness, tenets,
18: Ranni, pox,
19: brand,
20: strangle, 
21: -,
22: -,
23: mortar, uuade, here.

expulsion, encoding-art, undertaxes, unequated, ensepulchred, conflux, generalists, closeness, extrudes, unexotic, potent, practise, oil-less, interfaces, financier, closes, finance, inspector, releasing, wanted, lineages, contend, iceless, Garonne, foil, Eloise, greatness, tenets, brand, pox, strangle, mortar, here.



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