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Nostradamus C1 Q39: Emanuel's fate hangs over eastern Mediterranean ports. Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has a connection with the previous verse through the importance of pictures. In C1 Q38 there is an exposition of how Da Vinci's mathematical model for image perfection was applicable to verses of the future. In this verse the theme is continued but it empasises code systems that seem pictureless. It starts with the way that Celtic codes associate legends with stars and then mentions the Nordic story of Troy and Easter found in Snorri's Prose Edda.

The story of Christ is the focal point of the current verse with the last two lines of the text using an allusion to the crucifixion scene to emphasise the point the message comes from the runic sounds not the written words. The prophesy element that Nostradamus incorporates deals with the havoc wreaked on ports during modern times when religious wars are started by badly judged liaisons.

Anagrams from which the keys to this verse will come include:

legend inducted pictureless lands Perseus prematureness garmentless angels denunciated steersman indulgence
De nuict dans lict le ſupreſme eſtrangle

Joves olden rune ennobled power eludes port Savior
Pour trop auoir ſeiourne blond eſleu

simpler story portrays brogues bourse employs
proletary umpire buries exc[h]ange parlance

Par troys l'empire ſubroge exancle

Morta [Roman Fate] matter create pact el[o]quent Emanuel
A mort mettra carte et pacquet ne leu
At night the last one will be strangled in his bed
because he became too involved with the blond heir
The Empire is enslaved and three men substituted.
He is put to death with neither letter nor packet read
De nuict dans lict le ſupreſme eſtrangle
Pour trop auoir ſeiourne blond eſleu
Par troys l'empire ſubroge exancle
A mort mettra carte et pacquet ne leu
Isaiah delivers God's message to Ahaz and tells him to ask for a sign to confirm that this is a true prophesy (verse 7:11). Ahaz refuses, saying he will not test God (7:12). Isaiah replies that Ahaz will have a sign whether he asks for it or not, and the sign will be the birth of a child, and the child's mother will call it Immanuel, meaning "God-with-us" (7:13-14); by the time the infant "learns to reject the bad and choose the good" (i.e., is old enough to know right from wrong) he will be eating curds and honey, and Ephraim and Syria will be destroyed (7:15-16):

L1:<island celtS preSume / prematureneSS unciteD><eaSter Legend><lands Seem pictureleSS><Star Seem Super inDulgence><preSumeS Strangle Denunciated celT><meets perSeuS><SteerSman legenD> <garmentleSS inDuctee><enlargeD SupremeSt celts induct><eSteem repulSeS englanDer>

L2: <~ioue lendS nobler port Saiour Pouuer~><our PulSe ennobled our port rise>

L3: <story / troys Parlance><Portray simpler uSe orb /rob><employs brogue riSe><exc(h)ange Simpler Proletary (lower class) brogueS><umpireS rob>polymeriSe Place Subprime burieS Place burgoS pireuS / upriSe rotary Part polymeriSe

L4: <~A el-oquent term create pact matter~><trace capet matter><tract term qu-ote emAnuel>

1: prematureness, denunciated, garmentless, indulgence, inducted, reattract, ennobled, employs, clanx,
2: pictureless, polymerise, subprime, deuelops, presumes, excange, umpires, Emanuel,
3: proletary, portrays, steersman, parlance, portray, Burgos, presume, supreme,
4: brogues, bourges, island, rotary, 
5: nobled,
6: tract,
7: strangled, adiunct, Dantsic, repulses, simpler, Perseus, esteems,
8: create,
9: inductee, brogue, repulse, nobler, busier / buries,
10: bourse, Troys / story,
11: legend,
12: -,
13: Englander, Greenland, enstream, induct,
14: impels / simple,
15: sauior,
16: sorely, sperm,
17: restore,
18: cry,
19: premise, primes, noble, Celts,
20: strangle,
21: parcel,
22: place, 
23: impel, lends.

prematureness, denunciated, garmentless, indulgence, ennobled, employs, clanx, pictureless, umpires, subprime, deuelops, proletary, steersman, Emanuel, parlance, portray, bourse, brogues, simpler, legend, buries, Perseus, story.



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