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Nostradamus C1 Q41: Lands become fluorescent when the elderly are poisoned via their mail.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Here we have a verse that shields the details of a frequent theme in which at a time in our near-distant future the elderly are subjected to a genocide for the supposed greater good of humanity. Within the anagrams there are clues that this event has its metaphorical references hiddden in the Napoleonic epoch.

The anagrams that will give meaning to this verse include:

geneticise gene united encite inductees acts as  Asias ill  gene cite ill sanctitude
Siege en cite eſt de nuict aſſaillie

Napoleon Lion domineer recondemn remind confer pre-conflict cues open nonepochal Nicopolis chase
Peu eſchape non loin de mer conflict

routes falsified ill field life meme [culture] rejoi[c]ed eery fluorites fades
Femme de joye retours fils defaillie

Edessan lands epipolic notes scarce letter scatters heeds panels spell
Poison et lettres cachees dans le plic.
The city is besieged and assaulted by night;
few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea.
A woman faints with joy at the return of her son,
Poison in the folds of the hidden letters.
Siege en cite eſt de nuict aſſaillie
Peu eſchape non loin de mer conflict
Femme de joye retours fils defaillie
Poison et lettres cachees dans le plic.
  1. <geneticiSe aSiaS ill Senecitude [elderliness]><inducteeS cite gene><geneticiSe aS see ill actS united>aS lilieS enciteS Sanctitude><See aSias genetic lilieS united>teSted / deteST
  2. <recondemn lion open chaSe><deem use napoleon in Preconflict>domineer cheapenSnonepochal confer
  3. <ill Fluorites fades><routes falsified><fields fail life eery tours><life-Flame deem tree our joy>< filial fieds>
  4. <edessan catchers><noteS ePipolic [fluorescent] lands letters><and i see Post-election spell><heeds scarce planes> pallidness scatter


  1. geneticise, sanctitude, preconflict, Napoleon, nonepochal, falsified, postelection, epipolic, pallidness, 'fields fail'
  2. senecitude, fluorites, domineer, cheapens
  3. recondemn
  4. genetic, 'life fails', catchers, scarce
  5. fields,scarce,
  6. lilies, scatter
  7. catch, shy, eyes,
  8. inductees, flailed,
  9. poison, fades,
  10. caches, mined
  11. failed,eery, joy, Edessan
  12. tested / detest, confer,
  13. -
  14. -
  15. united, assail, furs,
  16.  reroutes,
  17. -
  18.  reroute, chaps, heap,
  19. -
  20. Asias, cheap
  21. letters
  22.  entices,
  23. -.

Key Ideas:

Napoleon, cheapens, life, Nicopolis, pre-conflict, scatters, lilies, geneticise, nonepochal, sanctitude, domineer, falsified, senecitude, post-election, epipolic, scarce, fluorites, recondemn, 'fields fail', genetic,' life fails', Edessan, eery, joy, tested, catch, inductees, poison, fades, united, confer, Asias, cheap, letters, entices.



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