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Nostradamus C1 Q43: Style changes used to illustrate the prophet's method.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus centuries 1 quatrain 43 Real-Cipher Map rellume Undine aquanut salt chlorine closureA great number of Nostradamus' prophecies contain information about the process he used to initiate his contact with the future. In this verse the pillar of porphry and the gnarled rock become sodium chloride via the anagrams. The two names Chieron and Undine are also found in the anagrams and these identify his source of emotional stimulus as The Metamorphoses by Ovid. That he should use this classic reference seems quite apt even though he openly claimed he was writing about the great change to take place in the period five hundred years after his prophecies were first dreamed. It is in this era that his visions on the cloning of the Christ gene and animal enhancement draw closest to Ovidian creatures of myth.

The anagrams that frame this verse include:

1. Impediment enchannel change prime Undine  aquanaut lenience
Valid dial unvaried ruined basic ambiences men ill uxe reillum
3. Real-cipher map ill prop plume relied
Chieron  mistranslates mixtures use illumes chlorine salt closure rules
Mis tranſlate ſus le rocher noilleux
# Undine: Water nymph first named by Paracelsus a Renaissance alchemist and physician whose writings included a book on nymphs and salamanders.
Chieron: Chief Centaur in Gk mythology who they considered to be the father of medicine, prophecy, music, archery and hunting. Tutor of Achilles.
Before the Empire changes
a very wonderful event will take place.
The field moved, the pillar of porphyry
put in place, changed on the gnarled rock.
Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'empire
Il aduiendra vn cas bien merueilleux
Le champ mue le pillier de porphire
Mis tranſlate ſus le rocher noilleux
L1:<~agen prime undine (water elemental) leech dement Aquanaut~><quantA dement prime change><lenience hang><urAnate pediment gem><epiderm>

L2: <rue ill ambiences unvaried dIal uxed><unaided lI (51) uxe reillumed><uxe reillume xI (11) dual invader cabins><men rue basic><dIal ruined>underlaid

L3: <heir prop relied pile plume><Lecher map reillume-pile><ille pile>

L4: <~uSe ill Mixtures on her closure~><role uSes chlorine Salt strain> <~chore MiStranSlates rules on ill uxe~><chieron role uSes na (sodium) Salt Mixtures><Marxist Slant Uses chlorine role><~chore rulEs on ill MixtureS Sealants~><heroin cloSure><lecherous>
1: mistranslate, ambiences, chlorine, mixtures, pediment, Marxist, lenience, basic, ualid,
2: lecherous, aquanaut, dialx,
3: underlaid,
4: unaided,
5: translates, Undine, mix,
6: reillume, Cheiron, alix, axil,
7: unvaried, salutes, heroin, re-echo, tussle,
8: -
9: alterants / translate, unraided, plume, dial, laid, 
10: routeless, closer,
11: -
12: cabins,
13: lecher / Hercle, heron, ennui,
14: closure,
15: Roussel
16: epiderm, primed,
17: sealant, relied,
18: uranate, aslant,
19: ermine,
20: -
21: salute, mange, hip,
22: -
23: reuile / reliue.

Key Ideas:

mistranslate, chlorine, salt, Na, mixtures, Marxist, pediment, basic, ambiences, lenience, valid, translates, Undine, mix, reillume, lecherous, aquanaut, dial, Cheiron, plume, unvaried, salutes, tussle, echo, sealant, closure, relied.


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