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Nostradamus C01 Q44: Allusion of airborne disease applied to events yet to happen.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus' verse C1 Q44 This verse turns out to be a tale about the reaction of people under the constant threat of airborne infection with the allusion on which it is based coming from a once held belief that bad air or miasma was the cause of disease.

Anagrams which show this structure include miasma monster reactionarism, crematoria, airstream encounter, and leprousness mention babes

The anagams providing the framework for this verse include:
1. Bernices foresent detour refers noted route sacrificer seen
2. Monetarism encounter reactionarism as miasma resonants on crematoria airstream
3. Neuroses emotions seen unless voices mention monitor pulses babe enzone
4. Ieremiel Semeliel miserable populus cirque relic realise be a couu
# Semeliel; Archangel - One of the seven princes  who stand continually before God, and to whom are given the spirit-names of the planets. Agrippa views him as the spirit of the sun.
Jeremiel: One of the seven archangels in the original or earliest listings. He has been described as the 'lord of souls awaiting resurrection'. I
In a short time sacrifices will be resumed,
those opposed will be put like martyrs.
There will no longer be monks, abbots or novices.
Honey shall be far more expensive than wax.
En bref ſeront de retour ſacrifices
Contreuenans ſeront mis a martire
Plus ne ſeront moines abbez ne nouices
Le miel ſera beaucoup plus cher que cire.
L1: <~bEn noted route Sacrificers refers~><urSa forSeen to deter bErnices><norSe traderouteS> <if forSee bErnices countertradeS><forSent deter our Sacrifice><to deter norSe aS-crucifiers>niEces

L2: <reSonants aims (to) arm rite enCounter~><~mi reSonants enCounter airstream~> <anatomiSm Counter nearneSs><Crematoria stormineSs><miasma not contrite> <~monetariSm art Contriue nearneSs~><monSters true reaCtionarism><annes monastries><enroute monSters erratiC aims><romantism retraCtion><tamar Contriue> <raCeriot mar aims> tierceron (roof vault rib)

L3: <minnesota / nominates leProuSness><mention enzone babes leProuSness><monitor Pulses Seen><monSter babez noise><Plus voices Seen><enSures babe monies not seen><norSe lunes moisten babez><Seer motion><omit neuroSes>unless base ePics

L4: <such a queer reLic be seemlier><miSerabLe recheq populus caue><SemeLiel (Archangel) cirque lurches bear>ieremieL (Archangel) >realiSe
1: reactionarism, counter-trades, sacrificers, opensluice, crematoria, anatomism, Bernices, Semeliel, Ieremiel, babes,
2: monetarisms, leprousness, mainmast, airstream, enzone,
3: monetarism, traderoutes, re-encounter,
4: matronism, romantism, Minnesota / nominates, chequer, seemlier, nearness,
5: retraction, storminess, mentions, contrite, raceriot, runeless, Tamars, ebb,
6: populus, erratic, unless,
7: miserable, tierceron, resonants, rerouted, lurches, maims, epics,
8: encounter, Montrose / Rosemont, monitor, ensures, babe,
9: moisten, 
10: neuroses, Tamar, such,
11: foresent, motion, cirque,
12: forsee,
13: forseen, ensues,
14: monsters, monies / Simeon
15: nieces, rebase,
16: reroutes,
17: Curie, beans, 
18: forsent, enroute, reroute,
19: zeen,
20: reasons, realise,
21: omit,
22: erotic,
23: -

Key Ideas:

miasma, reactionarism, sacrificers, counter-trades, crematoria, tierceron, airstream, leprousness, enzone, Bernices, Semeliel, Ieremial, babes, seemlier, anatomism, nominates, traderoutes, mentions, monetarisms, storminess, nearness, chequer, retraction, contrite, raceriot, ebb, erratic, populus, unless, encounter, miserable, resonants, Rosemont, monitor, ensures, moisten, babe, such, neuroses, maim, Tamar, forsee, cirque, motion, ensues, monsters, rebase, nieces, realise, monies, foresent, omit, erotic, reasons.




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