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Nostradamus C1 Q60: The prophecies used as a weapon in highlighting prejudice.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

C1 Q60 parallels the Napolanic era with events in modern QuebecThis quatrain reveals the items that will be of interest when the prophecies become a vehicle for imprisonment and ill-treatment of people considered enemies of the state. The story in the text fits well to that of Napoleon Buonaparte while the nagram paralel that era with a more modern one.

The anagrams that will frame these events include:

1. Evidential Serpentarium uranites revitalised partisan idealist   lamentive despair 
2. Beduin hence qualmier reprise imperial seer warned Iraqu

3. Israel single counter-idea realise lines duration ideal uueecq ordinate
4. Quebec airwomen outrun contour Moirae
An Emperor will be born near Italy,
who will cost the Empire very dearly.
They will say, when they see his allies,
that he is less a prince than a butcher.
Vn Empereur naiſtr apres d'italie
Qui a l'empire ſera vendu bien cher
Diront auec quels gens il ſeralie
Quont rouuera moins prince que boucher.
L1: <~lamEntiVe despair Strain ur peer~><~reVitalised runa iS part mEn peer~><reap EVidential Serpentarium><at eVil mEn aspired><direst partiSan rue mEn alive><eVil Men spread uraniteS tail><Vile tidal rapes><direst rapiSt aliVe><eVil tirades partS iran mEn><tSarina rue><disparate iStra rune><idealist pare Istra rune>

L2:<empireS Quail aver end><hence Seer impel beduin iraQu><hence beduin iruQ emperial riSe><imperial Seer><hence Qualmier reSpire>premiSe

L3: <~quatrain-coDE glues iSrael lines~> <~orDinate cue iSrael single qlues~><realiSe single Duration><iSrael single counteridea><iSrael single uueecq orDinate> acute signleSs iDeal cotquean (masculine women)

L4: <arm touuer in quebec prison><era imprison><princes cherQuon airuuomen rot>
1: quatrein-code, revitalised, evidential, lamentive, airuuomen, imperial, idealist, signless,
2: Serpentarium, counteridea, cotquean, Quebec, unbid,
3: imprison, aspirated / disparate, qualmier, details,
4: duration, partisan, sidereal, Beduin,
5: Moirae, tidal, tsadi,
6: rainless,
7: striped,
8: despair,
9: quince, uueecq,
10: outrun, venial,
11: uueacq, direst,
12: emperial, rerun,
13: premieres, prides, glues, 
14: ordinate, prison, unrare,
15: single,
16: rapist, niche, averse,
17: uranites, princes, drapers, Israels, raven,
18: -
19: empires / premise, primes, ideal, acute,
20: astride / tirades, respire, realise, spin,
21: -
22: Iraqu, avile / alive,
23: Simon, impel, hence.

Key Ideas:

imperial, idealist, revitalised, evidential, quatrein-code, lamentive, airwomen, signless, Serpentarium, counteridea, Quebec, imprison, disparate, cotquean, qualmier, details, week, outrun, venial, duration, Beduin, partisan, despair, direst, emperial, prison, single, rapist, niche, uranites, unrare, ordinate, princes, drapers, averse, Israels, ideal, premise, realise, spin, hence, impel, Iraqu, tirades, alive.


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