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Nostradamus C1 Q61: The republic governed by the Stars of destiny.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 1 Quatrain 61 Wretched republic Magi reseats Dracon Star Woden unseatedThe anagrams of this verse point to the unfortunate republic being in either Serbia or the Middle East. The focus is connected on the stars used by the Magi to control destiny.

The anagrams that shape the meaning of this verse include:

1. Inferable Miquel raise Serbia requiems replace_life_line
2. Magi_set_star asseverated (affirmed) vaster traits UUoden artist unseated
3. Saddam grandeur damn facile damsel regular male Ramadan exiled
4. Irregular aftercause craft Dracon regular grandeur features

The wretched, unfortunate republic
will again be ruined by a new authority.
The great amount of ill will accumulated in exile
will make the Sueve break their important agreement
La republique miſerable infelice
Sera vaſtee du nouueau magistrat
Leur grand amas de l'exil malefice
Fera Sueue rauir leur grand contract

L1: <in life able repLace requiemS><miquel repLace Serbia life line> inferable / refinable armieS

L2: <unSeated vaSter star magi ouue><a vaSt uuaue undo arreSt stigma><magistrateS undo vaSter uuaue><gamu traits / strait / artist nouu aSSeverated (confirmed as true)>endouu / uuoden douun

L3: <damn regulAr ice as exiled flame><adams exiled><a damsel grandeur><exile saddam><ramadan urge><grandma ruLe facile> male life

L4: <~uuarier n dracon regular FeatureS~><urSae craFt><uuear aFter irregular uSe><craFt uuearier era uSe> FaSter

1: asseverated, aftercause, irregular, Ramadan, uuound, Saddam, Avesta, craft,
2: anagrams-ruled, magistrates, inferable / refinable, life line, straits, stigma, uuarier, starts, sigma,
3: furcates, requiems, Sadam, 
4: Eufrates / features, star set,
5: Miquel, restart,
6: unseated, endouu / ouuned / UUoden, exiled, tract,
7: miserable, damsel / medals, cereal, facet,
8: -
9: Caliel, artist / traits / strait, fact, mall,
10: -
11: facile,
12: replace, averts / starve / vaster, Magi, vast, pub,
13: seuuer, exile,
14: start, stave / Vesta, 
15: faster, uuears/ uuares /suuear,
16: -
17: grandma, Serbia, arriue, Adam,
18: flame,
19: Astrea,
20: grandeur (2x),
21: elfin, ruler,
22: Armand,
23: -.

asseverate, aftercause, irregular, Ramadan, wound, Saddam, Avesta, craft, anagrams-ruled, magistrates, inferable /refinable , life line, straits, starts, stigma, warier, features, requiems, furcates, star set, Miquel, restart, unseated, Woden, exiled, miserable, damsel / medals, tract, cereal, artist, facet, traits, fact, facile, Magi, vaster, Serbia, grandma, arrive, Astrea, flame.



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