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Nostradamus C1 Q64: How 21stC issues impact on Provence, France
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Decadent verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry [HEE7] about decadent eventsThe text of this verse appears quite wierd and over the last century has been applied to an image of fighters in the first World War. However the anagrams suggest an additional scenario for the text at the end of this century when meteors rain down upon the pasture lands, genetic cloning recreates versions of ancient creatures and a horrific religious war occurs.

Significantly the only anagram for licentious which refers to unprincipled sexual behaviour appears in the Prophecies only in this verse. This is one of the synonyms for decadence and its presence makes it a likely theme developed by Nostradamus in this set of five paired verses. By contrast the synonym evilness which is in the other half of this pair has five occurrences allowing that term to be present in each pair presented in this series.  In this case C1 Q64 is paired with C1 Q08 and I chose that option because their content makes a bridge between his own life time and modern events impacting directly on the areas of Southern France in which he lived.

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C1 Q64 Licentious personnel beta-particle venom cupbearerThe text of the verse has a highly sinister tone and the anagrams offer domestic details of Southern France at this time.

There is firstly a personal tone  offered by licentious (e nuict ſoli),  seduction (D), celloist (ct ſoliel), personnel (l penseron), my-home (emy hom), overran (on vverra), recouple (le pour ce)  and cupbearer (perceau Br. And the verse tone is further weighted towards adverse sexual relationionships by that same group of words and the additional full line of adjacent anagrams saying induce lost penile arteriovenous  ( De nuic_t ſol_iel pen _seront auoir veu) with the latter term referring to an abnormal tangle of blood vessels.

And the text could imply a radiation event from an arial attack that impacts invading soldiers as well as local inhabitants.

So there is the possibility that this verse deals with radiation events in the late 21stC that poison the male reproductive system thereby lowering the birth rate in Nostradamus home land. Such events on a different scale may well have been apparent to Nostradamus amongst certain religious sects in his life time.

At night they will think they have seen the sun,
when they see the half pig man
Noise, screams, battles seen fought in the skies.
The brute beasts will be heard to speak.
De nuict ſoliel penseront auoir veu
Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra
Bruict, chant, bataille au ciel battre aperceau
Et beſtes brutes a parler lon orra
L1: <licentiouS personnel><inDuce penile arteriovenous loSt><penile treason loSt><spleen SeDuction lie>resonant celloiSt countieS clotS coSt Suction

L2: <my hom-e rare venom><aQua candle-pouuer><memo overran><verrone aQua><Quaran recoupled my moh-aemud>

L3: <battle /tablet reaper><table repeat cucurBit race><cupBearer treatable><catch latin-table><care treat ape bile><Bureau caper>citable albattani betaparticle

L4: <abstruse beSet><parralel buttreSses><palestra role brutes beSt Era><best pasture bErateS><loner roar bESet><brutes Set on real apes barter><boatStEerer burst loner apes>
1: licentious, personnel, cupbearer, arteriovenous, beta-particle, tablet, boatsteerer, candle-power, albattani, buttresses, cucurbit, my-home,
2: latin-table, recoupled, batterers, abstruse, suction,
3: celloist, runastone,
4: seduction, counties, venom, burst,
5: recouple, citable, subtree, colts/ clots,
6: palestrae, brutes, rebuts, bureau,
7: planed, catch, barter, besets, spleen,
8: batter,
9: overran,
10: berates / rebates,
11: -
12: Quaran, penile,
13: resonant, toils, brute / rebut,
14: -
15: -
16: aqua,
17: lost,
18: pasture, table, beset,
19: -
20: patter, beat,
21: -
22: recoup, creep.
23: -

licentious, personnel, cupbearer, arteriovenous, beta-particle, tablet, candle-power, buttresses, my-home, recoupled, abstruse, runastone, subtree, seduction, citable, counties, palestrae, bureau, barter, venom, besets, spleen, penile, burst, catch, resonant, toils, overran, pasture, aqua, table, lost, rebates, recoup.


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