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Nostradamus C1 Q65: Flight path of doom and destruction set by cold-blooded seekers of the soul.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text joined to the message in the anagrams tell the story of fanatical destruction of an airplane resulting in harm to those on board and to people along its final fight path. this event occurs at a time when gulf waters are on the rise and is a result of an ongoing debate on fuel all of which indicates it is to be part of our near future.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Satanism Jasmina sangfroid  endure suasive grain Federovna foundered
Enfant ſans mains jamais veu ſigrand foudre

fan notary al[l]ay Jew feeble-use does lessen afront
L'enfant royal au jeu d'oeſteuf bleſſe

by rises gulf allures warped by fissure fuels surge  Pau  ruled buy all amount  Allan argues Regulus bury
Au puy briſes fulgures allant mouldre

worst stories I wrote stress souls achiness Chileans chase airplanes miller
Trois ſouz les chaines par le milieu trouſſes

A child without hands, never so great a thunderbolt
the royal child wounded at a game of tennis.
At the well lightning strikes, joining together
three under the chains tied in the middle.
Enfant ſans mains jamais veu ſigrand foudre
L'enfant royal au jeu d'oeſteuf bleſſe
Au puy briſes fulgures allant mouldre
Trois ſouz les chaines par le milieu trouſſes
L1: <Sangfroid jasmina Endure fan Satanism><jasmina fan Satanism foundEred><mans grand sin Satan unoffered uviSe aims><jasmina federouna Suasive farding>

L2: <notary falSeneS><leSSen afront a jeuu doeS lay ><SeeS bluf><troy fan LeSSen>

L3: <all sure amount gulf riSes by><allans urge iS pAu bury fuels><allan tom ruled by regulus pAuu fiSsure><pAu argues mount iS all fuels bury>allures (all sure)

L4: <persian sTories chase Soulz SS uurote><~miller touuerS sTories chase soulz plenaries (complete assembling>~><imperial achiness Soulz uuorSt Stories> <fan LeSSen troy><Soulz sTories uSeS airplane route mlii (1052)>chileans seraphina sTreSS
1: foundered, unoffered, Federouna, Jasmin, suasive,
2: sangfroid, Seraphina, Satanism, achiness, fissure, mould,
3: Jasmina, Regulus, uuarped, gulf,
4: airplanes, Chileans, stress, buy,
5: miller, fuses, 
6: Allans, Allan, bury,
7: farding, chains, Sigur, Jeuu,
8: resample, found, pauu,
9: allures, ajam,
10: soulz, Jude, jam,
11: sampler, amount, zoul,
12: plenaries, notary,
13: enspiral, Guise, ribs, 
14: afront, visa,
15: uuorst,
16: mount,
17: argues,
18: fuels,
19: -
20: China / chain,
21: ousted,
22: lessen, bless,
23: -

Key Ideas:

Jasmin, Federovna, Seraphina, foundered, sangfroid, Satanism, gulf, airplanes, Chileans, buy, warped, ribs, stress, fissure, unoffered, mould, fuses, suasive,miller, Allan, bury, achiness, Regulus, chains, Jew, resample, found, amount, soulz, plenaries, allures, Guise, notary, enspiral, worst, afront, argues, lessen, China, fuels.





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