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Nostradamus C1 Q66: The athletic hero who fails to deliver a message in time.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C1 Q66 Juveniles foment Sevilles Swollnen PatternsThe story in the text of this quatrain is about a messenger who suffers from a debilitating illness that limits his ability to deliver aid. The key anagrams reveal that the messenger has a heroic sporting background and it is hard drinking while an athlete which leaves him unable to deliver his message with the expected speed. In our modern times the message that is meant to be spread is of an attack by a number of juveniles who seek to take advantage of a passing storm:

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Lyceus reports Yule liquory clue reports release Nouuells / swollen levels 
2. Divine -rule repairs Persia juvenile draper prunes draperies
3. Norn often foment errant pattern  Seville illusive routes depart
4. Tempest arouses fearless self pious superior resettle legers
Gresle et tempes teſles fera ſouſpirer

# Lyceus: allusion to a statute of Apollo in the Lyceum (gymnasium) in Athens.
He who then carries the news,
after a short while will (stop) to breathe
Viviers, Tournon, Montferrand and Praddelles;
hail and storms will make them grieve.
Celuy qui lors portera les nouuelles
Apres vn peu il viendra reſpirer
Viuiers, Tournon, Montferrant et Pradelles
Gresle et tempes teſles fera ſouſpirer
L1: <~suuollen sport release liquory Clue~><yule reports ale liquor suuollen><lyCeus (founder of gymnasium) relates nouuell liquor><orleans uuell reports>

L2: <perSia divine-rule rare><~iuvenile draperS prvnes repAirs~><unliveried aSpire><lvii (57) rare repAirS end>

L3: <~read illusiVe routeS norn Pattern forment~><dePart seVille><leVels Parted>often Moon

L4: <fearleSs Superior><self arouSeS><else tempest Sleets fearS reGrip><so leSs fear met steep upriSe><piouS fearleSs>resettle
1: illusive, superior, feetless, liquor, levels,
2: patterned, liquory,
3: suuollen, Seville,cells, lvii / vili,
4: iuvenile, pattern, foment, Lyceus,
5: Nouuels, fearless, regrip,
6: divine-rule / unliveried, predate,
7: tempest,
8: forment,
9: -
10: patent,
11: -
12: resettle, unpile,
13: pious, tempt, often,
14: reports, settle,
15: -
16: arouses,
17: Nouuell, drapers,
18: uuell, rvnes,
19: errant, moon,
20: repairs, respire, patter, cluey, feels/flees,
21: -
22: porter/ report,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

Seville, illusive, liquor, superior, levels, patterned, liquory, swollen, cells, Lyceus, lvii, fearless, juvenile, regrip, Nowels, divine-rule, predate, tempest, forment, arouses, pious, feels, resettle, drapers, patent, often, cluey, report, repairs, moon, errant, runes.





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