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Nostradamus C1 Q68: Terror arrives in Lake Geneva after metallic accident.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nnostradamus verse C 1 Q68 Geneva Toponymes Montreux Piedmont mothen metal coniinesThis verse is one of five that carry anagrams of terminated. Other anagrams in the verse such as Montreux tie it into events in 2065CE in and around Geneva. This verse fits  closely to C9 Q44. The text when read in this context takes on meaning that is otherwise too nondescript to be of value. There is a sense of a poison metal traded by a maiden from Piedmont when she  escapes from the terrible hole. That poison appears to be an amalgam of gold using coniines found within hemlock.

Anagrams that give meaning to this verse include:

1. Terrible hole timeable where eloquent Montreux quote meltable metal 
2. Nonvaried avail radial terror is in coniines 
Trois innocens qu'on viendra a liurer

3. Spumescent graal toponymies traded poisons. Piedmont trader terminated suspect maiden minted metal admire
4. Inshore mines hone purer bar enemies envy our era use
# coniines: volatile, highly poisonous alkaloids in hemlock-it disrupts the peripheral nervous system and is toxic to humans and all classes of livestock; less than 0.1g is fatal to humans.
O to what a dreadful and wretched torment
are three innocent people going to be delivered.
Poison suggested, badly guarded, betrayal.
Delivered up to horror by drunken executioners.
O quel horrible et malheureux tourment
Trois innocens qu'on viendra a liurer
Poyſon ſuſpecte mal garde tradiment  
Mis en horreur par bourreaux enyurez
L1: <elOquent><men quOte touuerx ><terrible hole><uuhere montreux timeable><quote montreux (city on Lake Geneva) uuhere horrible metal><elOquent tumor uxe>

L2: <Terror is in arriual once><Truer radial vine><once uiral invader in rioTers><nonvaried auriel><no consequen'ive terror is in><coniines teRror uial>

L3: <SpumeScent toPonymieS traded><nosy Piedmont traded metal grade><PoySonS terminated><Suspect Sony teminated/minted Po><maiden trader><midea/ aimed PoyntS graal traded>

L4: <Mines ynzure><our purer or (gold) bar shine >< uxa enuy (enui= feeling of dissatisfaction) reMizs>
1: spumescent, coniines, toponymies, timeable, Piedmont, Montreux, heronries, meltable, eloquent,
2: meritable, poysons, terror,
3: suspect, hamlet,
4: inshore, minted, radial, misz,
5: terminated, arbour,
6: amid,
7: terrible, quote, shone,
8: diameter,horn,
9: conines,
10: mined,
11: uuhere,
12: nonvaried, darted / traded, posy,
13: aimed, Midea, heron,
14: admire, tumor, hone,
15: retard / trader, hole,
16: remount,
17: rioters, purer,
18: triad,
19: tirade, ruyn,
20: maiden, rioter,
21: resell / seller, Queen, souu, Emma,
22: horrible,
23: -.

timeable, spumescent, coniines, toponymies, eloquent, Piedmont, Montreux, meltable, poysons, terror, suspect, inshore, hamlet, minted, amid, terminated, arbour, terrible, quote, shone, radial, diameter, uuhere, Midea, purer, heron, admire, nonvaried, hole.


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