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Nostradamus C1 Q70: Nostradamus details the occult symbols of war employed by Agrippa.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus places some of the ideas of Cornelius Agrippa into his own context. Its anagrams show it to be a description of a magic ritual practised by the Magi of Persia. The following reference to what is an obscure but relevant place can be found in Agrippa's The Third Book of Occult Magic:

as to Pallas, who is called Minerva, were consecrated Athens, the mountains Pyreus, Aracynthus, the River Tritones, and Alcomeneum a city ofBoetia, and Neo one of the Islands of the Cyclades..Cornelius Agrippa Bk 3

The anagrams providing the frame for understanding this verse include:

image reurge once preseen scene peels five
Pluie faim guerre en Perſe non ceſee
realm Roman qoran equal forty topografy grant[e]d Harira
La foy trop grand trahira le monarque
Alcomeneum peace flair in gene engine  men replace if final filarial commence
 Par la finie en Ga ule commencee
Europa veterans prevents Parques quares a guru create power supernovae vapour grew
Secret augure pour a vn eſtre parque
Rain, famine and war will not cease in Persia;
too great a faith will betray the monarch.
Those (actions) started in France will end there,
a secret sign for one to be sparing.
Pluie faim guerre en Perſe non ceſſee
La foy trop grand trahira le monarque
Par la finie en Ga ule commencee
Secret augure pour a vn eſtre parque

L1:<one PreSeen eSSence><fiue re-urge SleePS aim> PeleuS (Gk myth -hero) Magi (Persian magicians)

L2: <real hair equaL roman forty><almoner equal><troy foaL / Loaf><quran morale>qoran

L3: <Peace men come><rePlace alcomeneum (a city of Boetia mentioned by Cornelius Agrippa) enGine fail><reaP final / filarian (parasitic nematode) finial (rooftop ornament)>

L4: <vapour preSent> createS urge><pouuer parqueS (fates) venerat-eS><ravenS pouuer> <prevents creteS europa augur><parqueS create veteranS><ravenouS purge><Supernovae augur> Secure Square quaereS

1: Alcomeneum, topografy, filarian, ravenous, vapour,
2: supernovae, envapour, forty, essence,
3: commence, prevents, a-third, finial,
4: peace,
5: -,
6: veterans, engine,
7: purge, 
8: servant, ravens, create, guru,
9: pence,
10: -
11: vents, pre-seen
12: replace, secrete, rescue / secure, Magi,
13: augur,
14: morale,
15: almoner, europa,
16: creates, repour,
17: raven,
18: present / serpent, quaeres, final,
19: Parques,
20: inmates, 
21: greuu,
22: quoran, uuager, qoran, alfue, foal,
23: -.

Alcomeneum, topografy, filarian, ravenous, vapour, supernovae, forty, essence, commence, prevents, final, peace, veterans, engine, guru, purge, servant, ravens, create, augur, vents, pre-seen, replace, final, morale, Europe, secure, Qoran, almoner, present, Parques, grew.

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