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Nostradamus C01 Q72: interest in the early Christian impact on Southern France.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C1 Q72 Turmoil in south of France linked to mutation in Agen in the 16thCThis verse is more historical than most and its content suggests it belongs in the stream about the Christ lineage in Southern France. Its key anagrams relate to the period in which the Christian apostles were active and reflects the changes that the Roman Empire brought to the Pyrennees and Provence.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Mutators ill antics beheads  master due to seed gene changes
2. Poet source persuade Juste counterpose uurits Titus sqauu deploys
3. Baron Holt entourage guarantee Boanergean born ox
4. Tunes outline illumined prefits pact sqeuved cauze not uze

# Euroclydon: a cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind which blows in the Mediterranean (Levant) , mostly in autumn and winter. It is mentioned in the Bible as a wind Saul encountered on his travels.
Boanergean: a surname given by Jesus to John and James and since used as a name for a vociferous preacher or orator.
Titus: Roman Emperor from 79- 81 CE.
The inhabitants of Marseilles completely changed,
fleeing and pursued as far as Lyons.
Narbonne, Toulouse angered by Bordeaux;
the killed and captive are almost one million.
Du tout Marſeille des habitans changee
Courſe et pourſuitte iuſquau pres de Lyon
Narbon, Tholoze par Bourdeaux outragee
Tuez captifs pres que d'vn million.
L1: <Mutator lieS uneDge><beheads ill MaSter/ StreaM antics hang><she led change iSrael abstain><outSMart changes Due> <bi Duet chants agen realiSM heads out><agen outeD ill seed habit MaturEs><eStablished-aliens arM touteD change><arMieS touteD changes>

L2: <onLy poet SourCe persuade><our CounterpoSe Suit juSte><seCondLy JaqueS pure uteritiS><uteroSCope tuuiSter onLy pLeasured jaqueS><CoLony quietuS persuade><proSeCute our Suit><onLy poet SourCe equitatuS (Lat: cavalry) persuade><tituS CounterpoSe ur redepLoys> Stupor repuLsed

L3: <a eNtourage born><boaNergean (Surname given by Jesus to James & John)> <ox guaraNtee uuar-roBed born>

L4: <unTo illvmined capez prefits><inTo ill><v (5) million cap prefits Tunez ><prefits capz ouTline>
1: Euroclydon, illvmined, uteroscope, Boanergean, equitatus, secondly, outsmart, colony, tunez,
2: uuarrobed, uuardrobe, entourage, arboured, retuuist, mutator, beheads, uurist,
3: guarantee, bashed, Aegean,
4: counterpose, prosecute, million, outline, prefits, Cronus, cauze, capz,
5: redeploys, abstain, arbour, ,
6: abthain, quietus, outrage, Sheba,
7: loze,
8: habits, yodel, uuader, pauu,
9: matures, Titus, Hades / heads /shade,
10: reputes,
11: unedge, heeds,
12: preludes / repulsed, changes, chants, stupor,
13: -
14: pleasured, realism, Artemis, rouus,
15: -
16: Proteus / posture / Proetus,
17: mill,
18: shed,
19: reagent, poet,
20: habit,
21: Baron, tuuo, agree,
22: master / stream, outed, 
23: apez

Key Ideas:

Euroclydon, illumined, war-robed, entourage, equitatus, uteroscope, retwist, beheads, mutator, secondly, Boanergean, outsmart, colony, guarantee, Aegean, counterpose, million, tunez, prosecute, cause, outline, prefits, caps, redeploys, quietus, outrage, abstain, lose, poet, habits, yodel, chants, preludes, matures, changes, Cronus, Sheba, Titus, Hades, Proteus, Artemis, reputes, realism, pleasured.


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