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Nostradamus C1 Q73: France's non-engagement in the biochemical warfare of our century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus details some of France's relationships in this centuries war-related issues. The wars are centered around religious differences and range across conventional and biological weapons as evidenced by the major anagrams which include:

as sail life rifle arcane kin spark castle neglect Asias ill rectangles 
France a cinq pars par neglect aſſaillie

Sunnite rays gunlayers muse  paper inserts sunray germules Serpentarius largesse Argyles sentries repairs
Tunys, Argel eſmuez par Perſiens

liberal clone finale elusion able use ill oracle  libel 
Leon, Seuille, Barcelonne faillie

insane aural class reveals intensive runas  invites Vesperal  lunar scale repeal revels nineties insinuate
N'aura la claſſe par les Venitiens
France shall be accused of neglect by her five partners
Tunis, Algiers stirred up by the Persians.
Leon, Seville and Barcelona having failed,
they will not have the fleet because of the Venetiens
France a cinq pars par neglect aſſaillie
Tunys, Argel eſmuez par Perſiens
Leon, Seuille, Barcelonne faillie
N'aura la claſſe par les Venitiens
L1: <~Sails rectangle spar a arcane liFe / File panicq~><Fear aSiaS ill neglect><can sparq Nicea ill Fire><anger arcane liFe ailS caStle><aS ill actS enlarge Fire>

L2: <~Paperz sAy Tunes germuleS riSen /Siren~><yrAns SerPentTarius legumeS><SunniTes Prepaez rAys sum><~y muze lArgeSse riSen sTun Paper~><sunrAy Preparez legumeS inseT><apez reSPire legumeS sunrAy><SenTries reaP / raPe sunrAy legumeS>

L3: <~clone finale uSe Lone liBeral lie~><ill uSe enclone filial Bear><one Lie liBel oracle uSe><uSe one Lie clear Libel none fail><leiSuraBle enclone Lone filial>

L4: <~aS nineties call a VeSperals runa><seVen insiNuate a paler claSS><inVites paler aural ScaleS><seVen claSS paler aNnuities> <~call a intensiVe runa aS relapSeS~><it repeals insaNe aural claSS>seVeral / reVeals Veinlets leVers inVest
1: invites, parqs / sparq,
2: Serpentarius, rectangles, leisurable, gunlayers, intensive, Vesperal(s), larynges, germules, Sunnites, Argyles, legumes,
3: annuities / insinuate, Einstein / nineties, muzes,
4: latin-verse, rectangle, neglect,
5: sentries, Sunnite, sunray,
6: -
7: braille / liberal, inserts, muze, rays,
8: veinlets, arcane, label, Yrans / yarns
9: belial / labile / liable, crab,
10: -
11: largesse, rifle,
12: reveals / several, call,
13: levers / revels,
14: castle, runas,
15: elusion, oracle, assail, Lille,
16: finale, refail, seven,
17: invest, regales,
18: insane, aural / Laura,
19: -
20: repairs, respire, Asias,
21: -
22: Graels, libel, cqin / incq,
23: apez,

Serpentarius, rectangles, invites, spark, gunlayers, rifle, reveals, intensive, germules, Sunnites, Vesperal, muzes, insinuate, nineties, neglect, Argyles, legumes, Yrans, Sunnite, sentries, liberal, sunray, inserts, arcane, label, Asias, castle, largesse, assail, oracle, runas, elusion, insane, aural, finale, repairs, Graels, kin.



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