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Nostradamus C1 Q76: The powers of a new man lie in speech with links to Viking legends
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

Nostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry about Holy GhostThe Praclete verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe visible content of C1 Q76 parallels that of C1 Q95 with the former of the two bearing a Nordic connection and the latter delivering more specific details about the persons birth.

The three sisters in the Nordic tales bear a similar function to the Roman Moiras or Fates and collectively they are seen as responsible for the power of words including names and the fate tied to any name.  Each of these verses carries anagrams that speak to the concept of a genetic heritage of a man who carries the destiny of others through his power of speech. The name of this man may well be Auroch as that name can be found as an anagram in the first line. It is associated with ancient oxen, power, strength and the letter U.

There is an aptness to the name auroch since there have been attempts going back over a hundred years that have tried to recreate this extinct ancient beast. Selective breeding was the basis of the original attempts but now with advancing knowledge of the genome the shift has been to recreate the creature using DNA from ancient bones.

Nostradamus centuries 1 quatrain 76 great speaker futhaors onem  ossuaries sequelIn  the second line of this verse there is one of the rare anagrams for ossuaries (L2: ois ſeur ſau) which is the logical place to find bones from which active DNA can still be extracted.

And in the anagrams of this verse there is a hint that the same goal is sought for Christ's foetal DNA. There are also hints these endeavours are spurred by threats to mankinds existence due to the scourges Nostradamus foresaw for the end of this century.

The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.
He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds
more than any other man will have fame and renown.
D'vn nom farouche tel profere ſera
Que les trois ſeur ſauront fato le nom
Puis grand peuple par langue et faict dira
Plus que nul autre aura bruit et renom
  1. <futhaorc-omen> <let non aDverSe farm profer> <petrol era freeS> <let reDSea profer> <our foam> <cahour foreSee petrel> outreach auroch
  2. <~front omen alot uuarS storieS seQuel~><urSa front omen alot ieSus / iSsue seQuel>< fortuna oSSuaries> <uuarS Stories seQuel foetal torn><~aSSures front trio alot omen seQuel~> <ieSus / iSsue resolute>
  3.  <angular fete spreading uP adriatic> <angular papule (raised skin spot) persuading Pair> <~triadic granule fate spreading uP papule~> <fatidic (prophetic) uta-gene paler pulped>
  4. <unequal uuater lumPs><anul tribute true aura> <urea airtube mentor trauul> beirut lauu omen

1: futhaorc-omen, norn-adverse, Adriatic, uuarfronts, foreseer, foam,
2: futhaeorc, outreach, unequals, fatidic, moonlet, triadic, arrouus, suuears, foresee, monq,
3: ossuaries, angular, foetal, farm,
4: persuading, unequal, float,
5: spreading, ungrasped, fortuna, airtube, papule, plums / lumps / slump, chute, rapid, qneuu, plum,
6: ungrappled, tribute, profer,
7: granule, pulped, Sigur,
8: UUalter, serious, Beirut, assures, upped, lauu,
9: Erasmien,
10: Auroch ,
11: resolute,
12: planar, readers, forsee, neuu,
14: afront, petrol, uuater, uuars, dirt,
15: suuear / uuares / uuears, Vrda,
16: ascend / decans / dances, joue,
17: iesus / issue,
18: triad,
19: marines / remains, amperes, auras,
20: -
21: Tyre,
22: fate,

futhaorc, auroch , foreseer, foetal ossuaries, spreading, papule lump, granule, profer tribute, Beirut, Adriatic, law. persuading, petrol wars, Jesus, issue, fate, resolute, ascend.

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