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Nostradamus C1 Q77: Paracelsus as a catalyst for Nostradamus' science.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 1 Quatrain 77 Paracelsus Procedures a promontory between two seas ancient and modernThis verse is the metaphor for a chemical process affecting the prosperity of an industrial nation. Its inclusion indicates that the anagrams within it are probably significant to understanding Nostradamus' own science.

There are anagrams within the lines that have an interrelated sense and which by their unity allow detail to be given to the story in the text. Two of the key words are those for Paracelsus and Murex. The latter is the source of the purple dye the ancients used to provide purple-red-black colour to material. Paracelsus was a 16thC contemporary of Nostradamus who is credited as being the first to see the importance of chemicals to explain the properties of living creatures and to use this process to explain such things as the origin of colour.

The anagrams setting the frame for understanding this Prophecy include:

1. Murderess draperess monitor murexes use resumes promotion I reentered
Palermos paramours cheuu morsel cuds equal Europiums uuipes
3. pent-up tune prevail viola Leoni relies on nine
4. Paracelsus procedures escalates coders arc persuades Paul echo castles Peter replace

Par Calpre et claſſe au pres de Rocheual
A promontory stands between two seas:
A man who will die later by the bit of a horse;
Neptune unfurls a black sail for his man;
the fleet near Gibraltar and Rocheval.
Entre deux mers dreſſera promontoire
Que puis mourra pars le mords du cheual
Le ſien Neptune pliera voil le noire
Par Calpre et claſſe au pres de Rocheual

The era of the people who promoted the dye from the Murex mollusc were the Phoenicians and their dye was known as Tyrrian Purple. Now the text mentions a promontory between two seas and in the anagrams there is also an adjacent pair for Palermo's armour  which identifies a city located on the isle of Sicily on a promontory which has the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. This was one of the important ports of the Phoenicians.

L1: <murderesx eraSeS rEentered promotion><not redreSS rEoriented murexes (ancient source of red-black-purple dye)><monitor era murexes Entered dreSS><reduxe rEtention><rE-entered into drapereSS room><red murexes onto Entire dreSS>extrude

L2: <paramours suuipe eQual morsel><is eQual armour palermos cheuu up>< uproar chauued (chewed) realms rods> europiums plaQue

L3: <lone tune reLieS peNineS / peNnies oil prevail><~pen (scribe) reLieS on Neptune ill variole (shallow pit)~><peril reLieS lone viola tune>

L4: <he Recodes paracelSus tree><he eScalateS pRocedures><he eScalateS coderS pure parCel><he Reproduces SealS> <perSuade caStle replaCe Paul choRe><persuadeR echo peter Paul ScaleS><cleareSt choRe perSuades Paul>

1: Paracelsus, pennies / Penines, escalates, murderesx
2: reproduces / procedures, europiums, retention, rosarium, plaque,
3: promotion, reoriented, prevail, cheuu,
4: paramours, Palermos, alveoli, suuipe,
5: paramour, variole, murexes, draperess, Moor / room,
6: re-entered, murex,
7: rumors, reecho,
8: monitor, clearest, pauses,
9: armours,
10: unexerted, persuader, recodes,
11: motion, sampler,
12: replace, unpile / penile, moron,
13: persuades, extrude, morsel, clap,
14: castle,
15: ochred,
16: Ormus, ,
17: -,
18: triad, sleeps,
19: moon,
20: redress, Rex-Deu / reduxe,
21: decors / coders, scored / parcel,
23: -.

Paracelsus, escalates, procedures, europiums, retention, promotion, reoriented, prevail, Palermos, paramours, murderess, persuades, swipe, murexes, variole, draperess, room, re-entered, rumors, monitor, clearest, pauses, armours, motion, replace, ochred, castle, recodes.



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