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Nostradamus C1 Q78: Parental aspirations and ignorance lead to disastrous cloning experiments.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The events in this verse relate to the future time when the cloning of man from old DNA is possible but the anagrams in this verse suggest that an old mans experiments goes wrong. His lack of real knowledge of his relics origins sees him use the DNA of an ancient dinosaur believing it be the holy remains of Jesus.

The anagrams that shape the frame for this verse's meaning include:

five ill radiants asian-traders harness Tsarinas sheen  renaissant Thebes dunce tuned
D'vn chef vieillard naiſtra ſens hebete

Pterosaurian parameters pat[t]ern dreams Savior gene parent a renegade 
Degenerant par ſauoir et par armes

as word-tree fleeched (coaxed) Ape[p] detour fed fear ap[p]earance arouses
Le chef de France par ſa ſoeur redoute

schema maps div (506) size encodes usages renamed dreams Jesus axunge,
Champs diuiſez concedez aux gendarmes
To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
weak both in knowledge and in war.
The leader of France is feared by his sister,
battlefields divided, conceded to the soldiers.
D'vn chef vieillard naiſtra ſens hebete
Degenerant par ſauoir et par armes
Le chef de France par ſa ſoeur redoute
Champs diuiſez concedez aux gendarmes

L1: <he harneSs five ill radiantS><she betvneD renaiSsant / radiantneSs><thebes radiantneSs> tSarinas

L2: <~Sauior part renegaDe parameters~><parent Dreams sauior gene a part><Deems pteroSaurian genera apart><~uSa ran part arm pretoria gene seeD~>rampart

L3: <~aS uuord-tree fLeeched (coaxed) So Fear prance~><a fLeeched prance arouses order>uuorLdtree rerouted detour

L4: <uxa encodez><marChes maps end diu (=DIV=504)><genux dreams><sChema uxagez renamed><size c (100) once daze ux><concede ieSuz / iSzue>

1: breathinesses, Pterosaurian, asian-traders, uuorld-tree, dampish, Thebes,
2: radiantness, renaissant, parameters, vnetched, Pretoria, reuuord, Iesuz,
3: uuordtree, parameter, harness, Scham, Hebe,
4: re-arouses, renegades, rampart,
5: schema, Saros, daze / adze,
6: renegade, axunge, vented, uxage,
7: Tsarinas, re-routed,
8: gendarmes,
9: marches, size,
10: arass, five,
11: phasm,
12: radiants, encode, creams / scream,
13: fleeched,
14: drains, order,
15: remands, sauior, Patras, stars,
16: gendarme, arouses, radian, rearms,
17: -,
18: triad,
19: renamed, auras,
20: dreams (x2),apart,
21: reneged, ruder,
22: -,
23: -.

Pterosaurian, breathinesses, asian-traders, World-tree, Thebes, dampish, radiantness, renaissant, parameters, Pretoria, reword, Jesus, savior, harness, Hebe, re-arouses, schema, renegades, gendarmes, re-routed, Tsarinas, axunge, marches, phasm, radiants, encode, five, stars, size, arouses, dreams, renamed, ruder, auras.

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