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Nostradamus C1 Q83: War over the nature of Jesus becomes nuclear.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 1 Quatrain 83  Brotherliness between Greeks and Americans guarantees quutas are achieved during the time the Jesus clones are at their heightThis is one of eight verses containing the anagrams for guide (s) . The tone of its text suggests war and invasion of a type that hasn't been experienced before. It fits into the theme of atomic war beginning in the second half of this century, a war that is rooted in evangelism around the nature of Christ. These ideas can be found within the anagrams where a more ancient form of the name of Jesus (Iexu) occurs twice. 

The anagrams from which the keys will come  include:

1. Istanbul tribunals signal grants entrants Aries as elegant star guide 2. Nature ransoms Norsemans name as enumerant figured Iesux
3. Brotherliness guarantees UXA quotas tantalise
4. Grux seafront_paper_Iexu_recur at cirques
The alien nation will divide the spoils.
Saturn in dreadful aspect in Mars.
Dreadful and foreign to Tuscans & Latins,
Greeks who will wish to strike.
La gent eſtrange diuiſera butins
Saturne en Mars ſon regard furieux
Horrible eſtrange aux Tosquans et Latins
Grecs qui ſeront a frapper curieux.

L1: <~istanbuL guide age entrantS risE~><tribunaLs Strange agent><entreatS SubanguLarities><but signaL deSignature ariSe / arieS> <butains (Aries belly) eLegant Star> <Set subaLternating reading> Serbia units teSt angLe reading>

L2:<nature Mean /naMe iexuS (Jesus)><iexu Sons renaMe Saturn><natureS Meaner fraud engroSs>ranSoMs arSons

L3:<brotHerlineSs taLe it range To uxa><uxa generateS quoTas> <guarantee HorribleneSs tantaLise> liberateS inSertable

L4: <iexu recur><paper cirques (circles) Seafront><paper afront Squires><curie paper urGex> <routineS afar> rainforeSt treaSon

1: sub-angularities, brotherliness, horribleness, rainforest, enumerant, fireguard,
2: Istanbul, tribunals, designature, insertable, liberates, urbanities, lasting, hints,
3: tantalise, urbanite, rebles,
4: guarantees, urbanites, cirques, quotas,
5: Norsemans, ransoms, entangles, ignal, stealing,  airtube, quantels, insult, Saros,
6: Nemean, guide, axunge, morass, belies, horns / shorn,  uxage,
7: Iexus,  equants, arsons, abuser,
8: Augean, Grec, entrants,
9: -
10: talents, shin,
11: routines, seafront, units,
12: negates, Gedi,
13: tangles, latest, Gerard / regard, Grux, 
14: afront, abut,
15: entreats, lags,
16: Herods, hordes, Rhodes,
17: sealant, latins (2x) gained, queans, Serbia, tenets, Curie,
18: elegant, slang, fraud, recur, but,
19: rename, gales,
20: generates, teenagers,
21: risque, squire,
22: horrible, unseat,
23: couture, lends,

subalternating, brotherliness, rainforest, horribleness, annumerate, tribunals, insertable, Istanbul, liberates, trebles, guarantees, tantalise, urbanites, Norsemans, seafront, cirques, quotas, signal, stealing, ransoms, Augean, entrants, counters, latest, talents, hordes.


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