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Nostradamus C1 Q84: National divisions created by religious issues extend into war
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2013

List of verses in Superape seriesAs I present the ten verses in this series one important aspect may pass unnoticed. Each one has a shorter rare anagram list than is found in other topics. However what happens at the same time is that the lettering is presented in such away that double-word poetic-code related terms are present. This anagram ratio variance seems tied to the need for detail  beyond that found in the text. If you look back over those already presented you will see all of these traits presented in my picture of the verse and its anagrammatic contents.


Epistle quote for three brothers was in Nostradamus EpistleThis verse follows that pattern with the text of the first two lines indicating that it relates to at least two brothers who seem engaged in mortal combat with each other. It is this aspect that makes it a part of the once barren Lady series and the tone of the brothers battle that made me select it as part of the two brother series. The quote alongside links this verse to the Henry Epistle and its statement of three brothers, not brothers reinforces the idea of clones born by the DNA of different fathers that is part of earlier verses in this series such as C5 Q50.


Yet the anagrams do contribute to placing the events in the verse into the context of Nostradamus' story lines.


Nostradamus C4 Q94 Two Brothers Flanders Genius Unseating Chalcedan Pelasgian Pallas DNA For instance they give the Greek view of christianity a central role in the war between the brothers. This is done through anagrams for Pelasgian unite (plaie ſang_uine T), Chalcedon (d cache lon), Grec-calendars, (es Le grand cac), Pallas (s la pla), poems-length (he long temps) and get poems-subtleness (g te-mps ſoubs les tene).

The Pelasgians are the indigenous occupiers of Greece while Chalcedon in Asia Minor began as a Greek settlement and it was this city that was the site of the dogma crucial fourth Ecumenic Council in 451CE.  One outcome from that event was the Chalcedon Definition a decree stating that Christ is 'acknowledged in two natures', which 'come together into one person and one hypostasis (reality or substance)'.

As this and the other series about the once barren Lady's family are presented the features in this verse will be given much greater weight than can come from this one alone.

But this verse's anagrams also have a modern tone thereby linking the events from these differing timescapes. This connection fits to religious references about the nature of belief in northern lands. The anagrams conveying this same idea can be seen in the lower part of the chart for this verse.

It is on the basis of the names of northern lands, together with ties to non orthodox religous groups and links with the barren Lady sory  that I paired this verse to C2 Q34.

The moon is obscured in deep gloom,
his brother becomes bright red in color.
The great one hidden for a long time in the shadow
will hold the blade in the bloody wound.
Lune obscurcie aux profondes tenebres
Son frere paſſe de couleur ferrugine
Le grand cache long temps ſoubs les tenebres
Tiedera fer dans la plaie ſanguine
L1: <uxa unobscure proof rebeLs send ice><curacies bone been fondest ruLes><send one proof uxa ruLes curbs ice><circus bone rules>

L2: <edeSSa prefer no geniuS err><ere infernoS paSSed><geniuS cede paSS on freer flouuer><forSeen ruing rule Seas code prefer>

L3: <ten rebeLs bless danger><longest-poems bustles><chalcedon enLarges><So poems-length be enset grec-calendars blues><Mopsus (ancient Greek seer) bless>carnaged cochlea

L4: <flanders era Tied><laplanders uniTe eaSing a fear><and pallas uniTe eaSing red fear><pelaSgian lands unite a red fear><fear guineanS / guanineS (DNA base) plans ail read Tied / dieT ediT>
1: Grec-calendars, Chalcedon, Pelasgian, genitiue, nebulose, bounces,
2: poems-length, Laplanders, unobscure, curacies, flouuer, Pallas,
3: unseating, sail-plane, cochlea, bustles, Mopsus, Guanines / Guineans,
4: infernos, Flanders, igneous, cached, circus, prefer,
5: Guanine / Guinean, denotes, ruing,
6: obscure, reusing, palls,
7: passed,
8: carnaged, blouses, genius, curbs,
9: -
10: -
11: -
12: Ferron, rebels (2x), bones,
13: forseen, plans,
14: -
15: sauing, hole,
16: -
17: regales, Curie, been (2x),
18: rubles, refuel,
19: enlarges / generals, Edessa,
20: proof, blues,
21: louuer,
22: graels / larges, bless,
23: -

Key Ideas:

Grec-calendars, Chalcedon, Pelasgian, unseating, Pallas, nebulose, poems-length, bustles, curacies, cochlea, flower, Laplanders, Flanders, Guineans, igneous, infernos, carnaged, circus, prefer, denotes, bones, palls, passed, genius, curbs, Edessa, proof, rebels, plans, forseen.


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