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Nostradamus C1 Q86: Marguerite d' Angouleme the forebearer of a modern crusader.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus C1 Q86 Marguerite Angouleme Cauvin (aka Calvin) Guise Spanish ride to aid Francis !There is a theme running throughout the Prophecies showing that Nordic verse was one of Nostradamus' major sources and this verse shows distinct hints of the story of Troy found in the Prose Edda. Quatrain C10 Q25 is also one of these and it reflects on the role of Hector's wife after his death. This present verse and the one preceding it (C1 Q85) align to this theme with references to a great queen and Asteropeaus, a victim of Achilles. 

The story in this verses text was also a metaphor for events about to unfold in the 16th century and an event that will emerge later in our century. Each involves a strong minded woman brought to the fore through the untimely death of a husband. In the 16th century the tale is that surrounding Marguerite d'Angouleme, rebel queen of a minor state, who would ride to the rescue of her imprisoned brother. Later her daughter Jean d'Albrecht) would take up her support for the cause of Calvin (Cauvin) and other Protestants and her grandson would be crowned King IV of France. Throughout this period the Guise family would be their opponents condemning her line for their divergence from the Roman Catholic faith.

This verse is used in my paper called Angouleme.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Graal danger yonder quaen served Cauvin arrivance  uncavalier verse arranged
2. Musical councils encourag[e] fear exceeds calumnies
3. Fall have
such wetness as Asteropaeus weep pauses separates_out tunes uses
4. Iapetus  fear of foray argues Guise routage
Suite par fera foy fera outrage

# Asteropaeus: Trojan ally, newly arrived leader of a troop -killed by Achilles.
# Iapetus: A Greek Titan son of Uranus and Gaius
When the great queen sees herself conquered,
she will show an excess of masculine courage.
Naked, on horseback, she will pass over the river
pursued by the sword she will have outraged her faith
La grande royne quand Se verra vaincue
Fera exces de maſculin courage
Sus cheual fleuue paſſera toute nue
Suite par fera foy fera outrage
L1: <cLue arranged><unSaved arrivance><yonder cue in quean garLand verSe><quean Send yonder graaL><uncavalier verSe arranged><nucLei arranged><via nucLear-danger><quean arranged uncavaLier Served>neuraLgic

L2: <encourag-e muSical exceeds Fear><councilS argue made exces Fear> calumnieS / maSculine

L3: <such tune to paSS era><tune orateS apeS fleuu><aSteropaeuS (fought Achilles son of river god) uSe such tune fuel>

L4: <fear of pirate uSage><fear of rape Suit age><great iapetuS (Gk Titan god of mortality)><it argueS out fear foray fear>guiSe
1: councils, uncavalier, neuralgic, uuetness, exceeds,
2: Asteropaeus, calumnies / masculine, neuuest, arrivance,
3: unsaved, nuclei,
4: separates, Iapetus, avian,
5: outrages, musical, Slauic, uuent,
6: -
7: foray, served, scam, 
8: pauses, fell,
9: yonder, uncle,
10: such,
11: fall,
12: Cauvin, linc,
13: Guise,
14: orate,
15: arefy / faery,
16: -
17: argues,
18: vends,
19: uueep,
20: arranged, revers,
21: -
22: -
23: Sudan.

councils, uncavalier, wetness, exceeds, Asteropaeus, calumnies, newest, arrivance, unsaved, nuclei, separates, Iapetus, musical, outrages, Slauic, avian, foray, served, scam, pauses, fell, yonder, such, uncle, fall, link, Cauvin, Guise, argues, faery, weep, Sudan, arranged.


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