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Nostradamus C1 Q88: More of the settings that signal the great mutations at the end of this century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story held in the text and anagrams of this verse is of a great Prince struck by divine wrath in the form of pox and leprosy. This is in our future at a time when the seven oceans are no longer pure, religious ideology is imposed and there is financial turmoil. The anagrams providing this expanded tale include:

devil in Manilius divine murals learned purer grael redraping Prince decline
Le diuin mal ſurprendra le grand prince

venues upend new-date, warranted frame poems-use
Vn peu deuant aura femme eſpousee

Pensaco up yet direct dative invocated updriven aim manic Cameronians canonise
Son a puy et credit a vn coup viendra mince

semicolon enclose lines pro-war armour latest estate erase
Conſeil mourra pour la teſte raſee

# Marcus Manilius was a Roman poet who wrote an instructional poem on astrology in Latin sometime around the early 1st century CE. This dating is entirely the result of allusions that Manilius makes to the emperor during the course of his poem, and these allusions have long been the subject of debate by historians.
The divine wrath overtakes the great Prince,
a short while before he will marry.
Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish.
Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads.
Le diuin mal ſurprendra le grand prince
Vn peu deuant aura femme eſpousee
Son a puy et credit a vn coup viendra mince
Conſeil mourra pour la teſte raſee
L1: <purer aluminideS (al as non-metal)><and idLe regal prince> <maniliuS (Rmn astrologer) decLine purer>neumidia enlarged learned decLine indium larger

L2: <pen uuanted aura><aunt frame Seem use po><Seem po fumarate use eVen uuaned> <aunt uSe-poem frame dupe Seven>

L3: <yet main oceanS driven up><invocated main oceanS updriven><yet an upvein direct mordancieS (sharpness) up><cameronianS end up>Meridian coneS>vedantic advection canoniSe detrative dative deviant

L4: <~pro-uuar seT later eraSe semi-colon~><~latest uproar onCe our Smile erAse~><our lateSt era See leproSarium>emulSion
1: Cameronians, leprosarium, aluminised, mordancies, detractive, invocated, advection, semicolon, aluminide, fumarate, deviant, dative,
2: Vedantic, emulsion, Numidia, canonise,
3: uuaranted, meridian, Indium,
4: Manilius, 
5: prouuar,
6: cinemas, decline,
7: neuudate, Pensaco,
8: venues, mauls, purrs, cease,
9: conines, Eloim,
10: uuanted, diuine,
11: alumni, direct / credit,
12: frame,
13: latest,
14: sonance, uuaned, estate,
15: oceans,
16: cried, seven, fame,
17: purer,
18: Milans,
19: espouse, tirade, taura,
20: -
21: derivant,
22: -
23: spouse, tried / tired, uuade.

Cameronians, leprosarium, Numidia, canonise, meridian, waranted, aluminised, mordancies, invocated, derivant, Indium, aluminide, fumarate, emulsion, deviant, Vedantic, semicolon, dative, detractive, Manilius, prowar, cinemas, decline, new-date, Pensaco, venues, cease, wanted, alumni, divine, Eloim, credit, frame, latest, sonance, estate, cried, seven, oceans, purer, fame, Milans, tirade, espouse.


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