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Nostradamus C1 Q90: The precursors to the great war and its resultant mutations.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies C1 Q90 In Southern France people such as the Nogarets play importat roles in what impacts Nostradamus' groupThis verse is more historical than most and its content suggests it belongs in the stream about the royal lineage of France. Its key anagrams relate to that lineage in modern times where oil rights, royal scandals and the rise of ocean levels preceed man'os greatest mutations. Orgon in the last line is a small village near the town where Nostradamus was born and raised. This conclusion about his entries for people in his local areas is further achieved through anagrams that include:

1. Aponeurositis nodules olden coma map sound arsenious bone unrobed USA pox
2. Argand analogues scandalise raises Jura's equals
3. Connate coregent gaseously rule truer numerator no ocean cotenant
4. Quango adornments thrones hide use used auxins partisan parts
predisaster ogre

# Caelo: engrave or embroider
Bordeaux and Poitiers at the sound of the bell
will go with a great fleet as far as Langon.
A great rage will surge up against the French,
when a hideous monster is born near Orgon.
Bourdeaux, Poitiers au ſon de la compane
A grand claſſe ira juſques a l'Angon
Contre Gauloys ſera leur tramontane
Quand monſtre hydeux naiſtra pres de Orgon
L1: <it aSsure olden><pauxe unroBed a olden urSa-site comap><it lead / deal arSenious Pox><~caelo (engrave) Sound raise Bone map uuader Poxit~><~aPoneurositis lead uuaderx bone comap~><Slanderous i tie Bone co-map><Susa olden rite> nodules

L2: <Analogues rAng raiSe Scandal><Aragon equalS juraS ScandaliSe><Scandal rAng Along sea riSe> <Angolans use>iSraelS claSSier SalarieS ScaleS

L3: <oCean regulatyon not Sealers><~eraS arGue oyls Cotenant no maturer~><~real numerator Gaseously coentrant><Sealers Coregulatyon><Great roman eraS true Connate>Coregent

L4: <he deny-Nostradamux-Quatrains><Or adornmentS hyde PreDisaster Quango><hyde partiSan uxe> <auxinS part hyde monSter> tSarina damn throneS / Shorten spread / spared depOser
1: Ursa-exposition, aponeurositis, scandalise, gaseously, analogues, regulatyon, cotenant, bounder / unrobed, quango,
2: coregent,
3: slanderous, scandals, auxins, Aragon,
4: preDisaster, Angolans, partisan, classier, nodules, Juras,
5: arsenious, Nostrdme, maturer, auxin, Jura,
6: adornments, numerator, connate, Ursa-site
7: arsenous, lousy,
8: uuader, gored,
9: thrones / shorten, calend / candle, Caelo,
10: scandal, classed, deposer, sound,
11: salaries, undoes, 
12: -
13: equals, ocean,
14: Nogaret,
15: -
16: arouses, rapist,
17: drapers, Israels,
18: pox,
19: coma,
20: -
21: -
22: monad / nomad,
23: -

Key Ideas:

Ursa-exposition, aponeurositis, nodules, analogues, scandalise, thrones, coregent, quango, unrobed, cotenant, regulation, slanderous, bounder, scandals, preDisaster, auxins, gaseously, arsenious, Nostrdme, Aragon, Angolans, classier, partisan, Juras, maturer, adornments, connate, numerator, Ursa-site, calend, Caelo, classed, sound, undoes, ocean, equals, pox, Nogaret, salaries, arouses, rapist.





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