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Nostradamus C1 Q92: The end of peace that signals World-wide flooding.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The tone of this quatrain follows on from the previous verse making it part of our future. It is the great flood that sees town, earth and seas subdued (see my paper on Floods). This verse has both astronomic settings that will define its timing and aspects of people and events that will confirm its relevance. The third line of this quatrain also offers information about the coding and it tells us that the verses about this dire time are those where there are errors in the meter.

The anagrams that make this possible include:

so V[e]nus plan ix [9] part routes a calm spectator  see emasculator tortures
Souz vn la paix par tout ſera clamee

on long ellipse mansion met Pelletier m[a]ps treble lion
Mais non long temps pille et rebellion

Ampere rare fusive ill retell meter parameter enter 
Par refus ville terre et mer entamee

Morse aspect fits lifes tiers fertilise d'viners mill diverts ill moonrise compensator
Mors et captifs letiers d'vn million
Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere,
but not long after will be looting and rebellion.
Because of a refusal, town, land and sea will be subdued
About a third of a million dead or captured.
Souz vn la paix par tout ſera clamee
Mais non long temps pille et rebellion
Par refus ville terre et mer entamee
Mors et captifs letiers d'vn million
L1: <emaSculator See a ix (9) part plan><camel Star-route / aStra-route (Alhena Gemini)><calm Stout era> tortureS

L2: <lion Mansion treble long ellipse><pelletiers insoMnia bell> ellipse p(r?)olongment><aiMs pimps retell no libel>neloliberalisM pimples aminos anions

L3: <meter err meant evillest reaPer><ill meter tree fuse Parameter v (5)>

L4: <~ill coMpensator fits let mind-v rise~><~Moron ill aspect lifts mind-v resite~><spectator fertilises> <aspect sterile mindv fits><ill Moonrise><lifes rites apt sector><~million Monster diverts lifes pact~><MicrotonesS><aspect stifle Moron ill drives><ill Moon traces>
1: pimps, neoliberalism, emasculator, insomnia, diverts, microtones,
2: compensator, fertilise, vitellus, Pelletier, moonrise, drives,
3: fertilises, astra-route, spectator, parameter, libeler, soveuz,
4: million, evillest, 
5: starroute, mansion, stifle, spill,
6: tortures, lifts,
7: -
8: Montrose, Rosemont, treble, Parix / pairx,
9: ellipse,
10: anions,
11: direst, calm,
12: moron,
13: tireless, aspect / epacts, lifes / files / flies,
14: retell / teller (2x), 
15: -
16: sermon, 
17: mill,
18: stouter, anvl / lvna ,
19: norms, moon,
20: sector, stout,
21: -
22: libel, camel, rebel,
23: -

pimps, neoliberalism, emasculator, diverts, insomnia, compensator, microtones, fertilise, vitellus, Pelletier, moonrise, drives, spectator, astra-route, parameter, evillest, star-route, mansion, lifts, tortures, Rosemont, pairs, treble, direst, ellipse, calm, tireless, moron, retell, lifes, aspect, stouter, sermon, lvna, moon, sector, norms.


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