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Nostradamus C1 Q94: Destiny takes centre stage in the war that tears the Christian world apart.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is resolved by the names hidden in highly specific anagrams such as Atropus line tying the anagrams to the text of the fourth line A lady is honored through force of terror. The impact of Atropus, the oldest of the three Moira's responsible for human fate, is to loose destruction and death through the confrontation of Arianism and Romanism. This precise naming identifies a  topic found throughout many verse and discussed extensively in my papers.

The anagrams providing the complementary details include:

Atropus line reliantly set Moiras Aryanism Romanism internally
Au port Selin le tyran mis a mort

liberate all by intolerable tone upon counterpart were reliable
La liberte non pourtant recouuree

Let one remoter meteor wave mar preindicative meter
Le nouueau Mars par vindicte et remort

Mad rape demeanor forced federacy defray hour no Norn endor[s]e
Dame par force de frayeur honnoree.

# Atropus: Oldest of three Moiras, the one who cut the thread. She was the harbinger of death and destruction.
Moiras: The three Greek fates equivalent to Roman Parcae and Nordic Norns.
Romanism: practice of Roman Catholicism.
Arianism: Belief stating that while Jesus was Son of God he was subordinate to God the Father and an entirly independent entity,
The tyrant Selim will be put to death at the harbor
but Liberty will not be regained, however.
A new war arises from vengeance and remorse.
A lady is honored through force of terror.
Au port Selin le tyran mis a mort
La liberte non pourtant recouuree
Le nouueau Mars par vindicte et remort
Dame par force de frayeur honnoree.
L1: <AtropuS line let Aryanism><reliantly Set romanism><~romantism reliantly pour A Set~><aims internally Store up><~morta-Ls main lyterian poSture~><proteuS maims internally><let petrolS try ammonias line><moiras try amn petrolS line><saint-remy mota-l lineS>yet Silent stupor

L2: <~tenon uuore reLiable counterpart~><upon Liberal tone><liberate reeL><uuere on intoLerable core><All tiber pour none uuere at counter>

L3: <vanir (Nordic god> meteor cited><~tree tremor indict aRms uueapon-vaLuer~><tremor enticed vi (6)><identic (parallel government action> meteor>

L4: <norn hour year feed meDea far core~><fear forced Medea deMeanor rape><remap for federacy><horn creed of far rape Demeanor><coffered ray remap>
1: counterpart, intolerable, internally, reliantly, Saint-Remy, ammonias, Romanism, Aryanism, year hour, coffered, federacy,
2: Lyterian, demeanor, 
3: proneutron, reliable, forced,
4: matronism / romantism, liberate, identic / incited,
5: recode, hour,
6: -
7: braille / liberal, refaced, maims,
8: horn,
9: belial / liable / labile, Vanir,
10: -
11: -
12: Atropus, enticed, stupor, trance, fray,
13: petrols, crouu,
14: -
15: tremor, arefy / faery,
16: Proetus / Proteus / posture, Moiras, deceit, redone, Bali / Albi,
17: meteor/ remote,
18: ramps, creed,
19: Tiber / tribe, teeter, upon,
20: defer / freed,
21: Tyre,
22: Medea, year,
23: couture.

Aryanism, counterpart, internally, intolerable, Saint-Remy, Romanism, demeanor, reliable, year hour, federacy, reliantly, liberate, Lyterian, ammonias, proneutron, maims, forced, petrols, deceit, incited, Vanir, Atropus, Proteus, fray, stupor, trance, enticed, Moiras, tremor, remote, creed, Tiber, teeter, upon, Medea, Tyre, freed.



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