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Nostradamus C1 Q95: Paraclete under-pinning re-creation of Jesus as an evolved clone
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Feb 2023

C1 Q95 is a part of several important clusters and forms a focal point of a genetic theme that culminates in the cloning of DNA thought to originate from Jesus Christ.

The two verses that make up the pair in this part of the Paraclete series are paired because of the parallelism in the third line of text in each. This verse says His fame renown and power via sects and speeches while C1 Q76 has He speaks to a great people in words and deeds.

The Praclete verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesNostradamus guide in his 1558 Epistle to Henry about Holy GhostThere are other commonalities of which the most prominent is the theme of language, speaking abilities and special powers. These ideas find their metaphor in this verse through an anagram for Paracletes aka the Holy Ghost.

The Genetics verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesThe element in the text that distinguishes C1 Q95 is its focus on language, sects and powerful actions. But the verse's anagrams alludes to an origin for the great speaker that involves modern genetic science. At the same same it also uses a a historical reference to place the person born in a special role.

One of only two anagrams for Paracletes (par ſecte la) appears in the same line as the great speaker description. And in the third line there are also rare anagrams for ascensions (iſſance ſon) and issuance with the latter being part of an adjacent sequence saying son's issuance born (uiſſance_ ſon S_on  br). These have more than closeness in location that unifies them for they are all terms people of faith tie to the death of Christ.

Nostradamus centuries 1 quatrain 95 Paracletes Great Speaker Herods Herodic ascensionThere are also anagrams in other lines such as mutations (ant mouſti), Herod/ic (D'heroic), radiogenomics (roic ſang de Moi) and in Gods-name (ang de Mo_in) that help form a first century Christ cluster with hints of a genetic line surviving his death.

It should be noted Paraclete is a name given by the apostle John to the Holy Ghost which is notable for its properties of speaking in tongues and it is said to hold many powers. The Holy Spirit is also involved in the ascension of Jesus.

And also there is a singular anagram for abruptions that complements the story in both text and anagrams for it refers to a difficult birth that can cause mutations.

In front of a monastery will be found a twin infant
from the illustrious and ancient line of a monk.
His fame, renown and power through sects and speeches
So that they will say his strength overwhelms his living twin.
Deuant mouſtier trouue enfant beſſon
D'heroic ſang de Moine et vestutisque
Son bruit par ſecte langue et puiſſance ſon
Qu'on dira fort eſleue le vopiſique.
  1. <Son uurote riteS beSt amounteD><abSent Son riteS foreuuent amount due><fane(small church) undoeS reuurote bent mutationS><truStier amount><outmanneD touuer trieS Son beSt fan>
  2. <quietus vest><scenario><event> <in heroDic godS-naMe>
  3. <paracleteS put So it burn aScenSionS><angel traceS><SonS iSSuance><uta-gene part Select> <Sons born recapitulateS gun iSSuance> <rectangleS put aScenSionS abruptionS [placental displacement]><pete cleareSt iSuS>
  4. <aStrofel reQuoined><for ordina-te leuelS><softer ploSive qui Que ordain><elSe evolue> reSolute  

Extra Info:

Besides those already mentioned there are other religious identifications included in the anagrams of this verse which point this verse to a time in the lineage events around the late late 1st century CE. This period is linked through anagrams for both Herod and Titus.

Solomon's temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. when they conquered Jerusalem. A half century later, the returning exiles, under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah, built the Second Temple, a modest structure that gradually fell into disrepair. This temple was remodeled and rebuilt during the last quarter of the last century before the Common Era by Herod the Great. So complete was this rebuilding that some scholars refer to Herod's temple as the third temple. But in Jewish tradition it is the Second Temple, only rebuilt by Herod. When the Roman army conquered Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Roman general Titus destroyed Herod's rebuilt Second Temple, thus ending what scholars call the First Jewish Revolt.

Table listing anagram occurrences (1-23) in Nostradamus' Prophecies

1: recapitulates, abruptions, fore-uuent, Gods-name, plosive, evolue
2: rectangles, teutonism, Paracletes, amounts,
3: mutations, ascensions, moisture, practise, Herodic,
4: outmanned, scenario, casing, 
5: quoined, 
6: amounted, cleanest, quietus, Brunos / suborn,
7: issuance, heroics, untamed, upstair, absent, Bruno,
8: clearest, reuurote, heroic,
9: Titus, Herod,
10: Astrofel, bent, leuee,
11: resolute, amount,undoes, burn,
12: ordain / radion, quits,
13: petrols, crouu,
14: sonance,
15: oceans,
16: rapist, creates, mount, love,
17: soon,
18: scans,
19: lancet,
20: rioter,
21: Amos, Tyre,
22: forest / softer, capers / pacers / scrape, herd,

recapitulates, abruptions, fore-went, Gods-name, plosive, evolve, rectangles, teutonism, Paracletes, amounts, mutations, ascensions, moisture, practise, Herodic, outmanned, scenario, casing, quoined,  amounted, cleanest, quietus, Brunos / suborn, issuance, heroics, untamed, upstair, absent, Bruno,clearest, rewrote, heroic, Titus, Herod, Astrofel, bent, levee, resolute, amount, undoes, burn, ordain / radion, quits, petrols, crow, sonance, oceans, rapist, creates, mount, love, soon, scans, lancet, rioter, Amos, Tyre, forest, capers, heard.

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