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Nostradamus C1 Q97: Genetics of sexuality becomes a means of war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This particular verse is a continuation of the theme of a person who contaminates the Earth through biologic experiments.

The anagrams providing the guidance for understanding this text include:

flare lemma menaces Caeneus name cues Pau arch reach wreck free
Ce que fer flamme n'a ſceu paracheuer

Languedoc Augean awe Oceanus lines evil invader afraid aerial ordeal clue
La douce langue au conſeil viendra faire

prose songs role foresayer reuse rapper prognoses longer spores genos
Par repos ſonge le Roy fera reſuer

sullen men my enemy enfuse materialising malign limit simulating spirulate pluralities
Plus l'ennemy en feu ſang militaire

# spirulate: Having the color spots, or structural parts, arranged spirally (as in chromosomes].
# genos spore: a common genetic heritage in the spores of bacteria, protozoa, plants and fungi.
# Caeneus: a trans-gender Greek hero.

That which neither weapon nor flame could accomplish
will be achieved by a sweet speaking tongue in court
Sleeping, in a dream, the king will see
the enemy not in war or of military blood.
Ce que fer flamme n'a ſceu paracheuer
La douce langue au conſeil viendra faire
Par repos, ſonge, le Roy fera reſuer
Plus l'ennemy en feu ſang militaire
L1: <men cauSe><name cueS> <saucepan cure reach lemma><quee-r mm raffle Cure each>caeneuS

L2: <languedoc afraid reAl auue><evil gun a clue oceanuS rained afire><afraid augean ordeal clue>

L3: <~genoS spore Role rarefy raPer uSe~><foReSayer rue raPer prognoSes> <uSer fear raPer poorneSs><so raPer SonG uSe foReyear reel>

L4: <enemy / yemen sullen Pirate unsafe><Simulating air Pulse><~enn Pulls irate enemy malign fuSe~><enn Pulls materialiSing enemy><amuSing Pluralities><limit air Pulse><lunes limit a enemy Peril><enemy mailing Pirate fuSe>
1: materialising, genos spore, prognoses,
2: simulating, foresayer, mailing, poorness, saucepan, amusing, unspell, foryear, menaces, rarefy,
3: pluralities, foreyear, songs, lvii,
4: olivines, enemy / Yemen,
5: Languedoc,
6: spirulate, militia, malign, afraid, 
7: Oceanus, Caeneus, raffle, pulls,
8: limit, Augean, spores,
9: ordeal,
10: -
11: uuage,
12: -
13: lemma,
14: unsafe, enfuse, load,
15: arefy / faery,
16: -
17: aerial,
18: uprears,
19: -
20: -
21: Emma,
22: song,
23: -

Key Ideas:

foresayer, prognoses, aerial, spores, materialising, simulating, spirulate, genos spore, menaces, amusing, pluralities, rarefy, lvii, Languedoc, songs, malign, enemy, Yemen, militia, poorness, afraid, Oceanus, Caeneus, Augean, ordeal, enfuse, unsafe, wage, raffle, pulls, limit, lemma, load, uprears.





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