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Nostradamus C1 Q98: The Mediterranean refugee crisis leads to genocide.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

An anagram for genocides  (g de son cie)  in the second line reveals the criminality behind the large number of deaths mentioned in the third line of text. These actions involve the gathering of human parts of sellable quality from the gangrenous waste of slaughtered refugees.

The anagrams providing the complementary details include:

fleech [coax by flattery] Kracaow undo war aura pit people line up finely
Le chef qu'aura conduit peuple infiny

genocides encodings inclosed resume result strangle  last gesture generates oil regional guarantees
Loing de son ciel de meurs et langue eſtrange

inky center teeth recent sales finalises aesthetes hassle
Cinq mil en Crete et Theſſalie finy

fleech any-stuff wants nasty waste rearming men garnering gangrene
Le chef fuyant ſauue en marine grange
The leader who will conduct great numbers of people
far from their skies, to foreign customs and language
Five thousand will die in Crete and Thessaly,
the leader fleeing in a sea going supply ship.
Le chef qu'aura conduit peuple infiny
Loing de son ciel de meurs et langue eſtrange
Cinq mil en Crete et Theſſalie finy
Le chef fuyant ſauue en marine grange
L1: <fineLy line up tipe undo><it undo qracouua (Kracow Poland) fleech (coax)>uuar

L2: <gun tales led regionaL genocides resume><gun tale generateS decoLonising resumed>.<oiL consigned><guaranteeS result deem decolonising><regionaL encodings><reSlant angLe doing gesture><angElo design an icon geSture result>

L3: <aeSTheteS life Centre in Cilminqy (Kilminchy medical centre - Ireland)><if TeleSthesia (telepathic) Centre><The fine SailS teeter>

L4: <renaming range><uue garnering naSty name><the-affLuency uSa><rename any uuaSte men enLarging><Leech any uuaSte gangrene remain / marine ><angering Leech uuants rename>
1: decolonising, telesthesia, encodings / consigned, genocides, garnering, aesthetes, angering,
2: finely, uuants,
3: rearming,
4: guarantees, inclosed, renaming, regional, erring, teeth,
5: resumed, Teth,
6: decline, hassle,
7: nasty,
8: gangrene,
9: gesture, design, uuaste, neume,
10: Angelo, Yuan,
11: angrier,
12: unpile,
13: tangles, resume,uuas,
14: austere, Seth,
15: -
16: -
17: -
18: -
19: rename, teeter,
20: strangle, generates / teenagers, aunts,
21: center / centre / recent, elfin,
22: cqin/ incq,
23: -

 decolonising, Kracaow, wants, inclosed, aesthetes, decline, finely, consigned, genocides, garnering, teeth, austere, hassle, resumed, guarantees, regional, rearming, nasty, gesture, design, gangrene, waste, strangle, center, Angelo, teeter, Yuan, generates, angrier, tangles.



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