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Nostradamus C2 Q02: Drugs, Chemicals and processes that enhance mortal aims.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Verse C2 Q02 Chemistry behind the industry funding events in 16th century Southern FranceThe following verse describes the drug process used in the 21st century to enhance mortal achievements. Amongst the anagrams that provide the structure for this verse those for amoebic, biome, chelates and microbean set this as a commentary on modern biological issues while those for ethanal and chromate indicate there is an intent to explain its chemistry.

Anagrams capable of giving meaning to this verse include:

testable fuel enable latest tables
athletes fear subtle chelates
La teſte blue fera la teſte blanche

unattained mandate equal arcane fear
califate rebuilt calefacient furnace

Autant de mal que France a faict leur bien

then a mortal endanger upends usual Arab laws
ethanal chromate natal mother

Mort a l'anthene grand pendu ſus la branche

and lines inspiredness combine diary role
Pindar sends sides enrols soldiery amoebic microbian biome Quinane diary

Quand prins des ſiens le Roy dira combien
The blue head will inflict upon the white head
As much evil as France has done them good:
Dead at the sail-yard the great one hung on the branch
When seized by his own the King will say how much.
La teſte blue fera la teſte blanche
Autant de mal que France a faict leur bien
Mort a l'anthene grand pendu ſus la branche
Quand prins des ſiens le Roy dira combien

L1: <athLeteS albeScent (whitish) altar> <~Subtle taLe free a teStable chanel~> <blue athLeteS latEst fear><Lathe beSet clan>

L2: <qualm Fear Attuned> <bluer male unAttained><califate equal uueberiAn Franc> <mandate Aunt> <made equal taunt><careful-Fanatic><lubricate Furnace face><attuned reunitAble qualm><calefacient (warmth producing drug) Fear> rebuilt

L3: <then alan upends alanubrs Mother danger><thEn he can bar uSual-endS endanger a Mortal><alanuebrs ethanel chroMate><upendS alnath endanger > Homer

L4: <acrid biome> <combine diary Roles> <microbean soldieRy> <Sends priQuand lines> <amoebic soldiery>

1: elasmobranch, unattained, reunitable, lubricate, tasteable, Alan-Ubrs, amoebic, athletes, nethanel, mother, qualm,
2: calefacient, soldiery, UUeberian, testable, ethanal,
3: priquand, albescent, chromate, urbanite, diary,
4: microbean, utricle, franque, branch, furnace, Alnath,
5: Thecla, Elnath, Homer, lathe,
6: califate, combine, rebuilt, biome,
7: encharm, mandate, bluest / subtle, Bernui, brine,
8: blanche, arcane, taunt, belts, home,
9: upends,
10: attuned / taunted, acrid,
11: mated / tamed,
12: tables / stable,
13: latest,
14: estate, then,
15: -
16: sorely, rinsed,
17: bluer, ruble,
18: endanger, refuel, table, sauls, sends, beset,
19: aflare, Rafael, coma,
20: -,
21: sides, belt, face,

elasmobranch, unattained, reunitable, lubricate, tasteable, amoebic, athletes, mother, qualm, calefacient, soldiery, Weberian, ethanal, testable, albescent, chromate, diary /dairy, microbean, biome, branch, furnace, califate, subtle, mandate, combine, brine.



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