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Nostradamus C2 Q03: When food is damaged by man the hungry turn to the sea.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Like C2 Q1 the following verse's anagrams hold a story that resonates with our current time. It is consistent with the theme of Nostradamus' text and fits well into his tale of misadventures in this century. The anagrams gives detail of the protagonists and victims, the means of starving a population and the motivations for doing so. And through its atomic relevance there can be no doubt that it applies to a modern setting.

Anagrams with greatest potential to resolve this verse include:

supramolecular rules also raise Ierusalems superrealism procural
Pour la chaleur ſolaire Sus la mer

gentle-person reneged on leptons poisons missed music its inductees duties destine
De Negrepont les poiſſons demis cuits

Elisabethans herbalist re-establish Saint lives evilness atonement not transelement driven 
Les habitans les viendront entamer

quit Hadron Dreadnought rules welfares refusal dwarf calibres able
Quand Rhod et Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.
# Lepton: an elementary particle in subatomic physics - no strong interactions
# Hadron: composite particle made of quarks held by the 'strong force'.
Transelement: a changed, transubstantiated or transposed element.
# Supramolecular: of greater complexity than a molecule.
Cesium: atomic element - long half-life radioactive isotope by decay of U-235.
Because of the solar heat on the sea
From Negrepont the fishes half cooked
The inhabitants will come to cut them,
When food will fail in Rhodes and Genoa.
Pour la chaleur ſolaire Sus la mer
De Negrepont les poiſſons demis cuits
Les habitans les viendront entamer
Quand Rhod et Gennes leur faudra le biscuit.
L1: <iSrael rouSe suPramolecuar><~ur hale Sailor male Procural uSes~><alSo ieruSalems rule><~challa (jewish bread) alSo rue our SuPerrealism~><iSrael challa rouse samuel><Palermo uSes ur challa>learchus (slayer of king Arcesilaus II) archelauS (Gk hi priest)

L2:<~So po reNeged its pointleSS music ends~><po missed iNDuctees pointleSS son><So lets music DestiNe poiSon ends><it NeeDs cesium><geNtle-person Duties missed poiSonS><its geNDer poSSeSSion miscued><inductees dimness>

L3: <eLisabethans reaLm><eLisabethans lives nonretardmement><reestabLish atonement driven><an herbaList less driven><venialness habit><evils she abstain><meant not restabliSh venialness><habits an evilness Lamenter note><heaLers meant bit not less driven>

L4: <enn rules fraud dReadnouGht calibres Quit><Roundhead Get calibres duuarf Quit><enn Get heRod refusal> isabel refuels aludra (star in Canis Major)
1: supramolecular, Dreadnought, Elisabethans, gentleperson, possession, Roundhead, herbalist, pointless, atonement, procural, uuarfared, calibres, uictims,
2: transelement, funeralseen, venialness, miscued, ridable, Hadron,
3: Archelaus, uuelfares,
4: superrealism, Ierusalems, Palermos, dimness, Samuel,
5: evilness, veinless, vileness, abstain, duuarf, healers, music,
6: abthain, refusal, Aludra, Blaise / Isabel, Sheba,
7: Palermo,
8: inductees, Learchus, leptons, habits, missed, balder, mauls,
9: uuafer, Herod,
10: refuels, Raouls, Hod,
11: sampler, sailor,
12: poisons, enplot,
13: -
14: destine,
15: duties / suited,
16: repour,
17: demons, latins,
18: tenant, fraud, Sauls,
19: -
20: habit,
21: reneged,
22: spelt,
23: -.

supramolecular, transelement, Hadron, leptons, Elisabethans, dwarf, healers, music, gentleperson, refusal, Roundhead, herbalist, possession, pointless, poisons, atonement, Archelaus, Isabel, Sheba, Learchus, superrealism, procural, venialness, miscued, welfares, victims, calibres, funeral-seen, Ierusalems, Palermo, evilness, abstain, inductees, habits, missed, refuels, Dreadnought, sailor, duties, enplot, demons, destine, tenant, fraud, Sauls, habit, reneged.




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