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Nostradamus C2 Q4: Chemicals from asteroids that alter evolution in the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about the surreal time when asteroids (Perseids) strike the earth delivering biological mechanisms that affect the eggs and embryos and hence the evolution of man.

The anagrams providing the foundations for understanding this verse include:

pseudoanemic menopausic pseudonim Masonic Jsu wakes prejudices persuade Perseids idle
Depuis Monach juſque au pres de Sicile

Toluate pallet outlet pall aged re-amoured ardour ordeals read Leo's toe
Toute la plage demourra deſolee

Lille line faraway uranyl box Coburg eructing vitelline evil genetic event
Il n'y aura faux bourg cite ne ville

Parque [Fate] bar Arab rapes Persia ill ellipses so it veto ''ll' 'ee'
Que par Barbares pillee ſoit et vollee.
From Monaco to near Sicily
The entire coast will remain desolated
There will remain there no suburb, city or town
Not pillaged and robbed by the Barbarians.
Depuis Monach juſque au pres de Sicile
Toute la plage demourra deſolee
Il n'y aura faux bourg cite ne ville
Que par Barbares pillee ſoit et vollee.
L1:<perSeids /preSides ci(99)><i preSsed ci(99) uueaq / uuaqe> perSuades Masonic Menopausic upsiDe pseuDoaneMic pseudoniM AMINOS Isil

L2:<our plagal ordealS deem><outLet><armoured aged leoS / Sole/ loSe> rumored

L3:<ur genetic box farauuay><lIne box ill event ic(99) farauuay><evil lIne><even ill yuan lIe afar> URFA

L4:<See barer arAb spill><persia Barb rape><eloiSe Bar arab perils><araB ellipSe bears>
1: pseudoanemic, menopausic, pseudonim, vitelline, farauuay, ellipses, Coburg, plagal,
2: desires,
3: Masonic, 
4: genetic, rumored, Barbara, lunary / uranyl, pallet,
5: armoured, Neville, ardour, spill, box,
6: Perseids / presides, veinlet,
7: toluate, anury,
8: spiller, Baux,
9: ellipse,
10: upside, Yuan, vote / veto,
11: -
12: -
13: persuades, ordeals,
14: -
15: Eloise, Lille,
16: aqueus, uuaqes,
17: -
18: outlet,
19: -
20: -
21: pressed, plate / petal, sides,
22: -
23: Simon,

pseudoanemic, menopausic, vitelline, pseudonym, Coburg, desires, faraway, ellipses, rumored, Barbara, Neville, ardour, spill, Masonic, genetic, box, Perseids, uranyl, toluate, pallet, armoured, veinlet, persuades, Baux, veto, yuan, ordeals, Eloise, Lille, sides, pressed, aqueus, outlet, plate.



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