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Nostradamus C2 Q7: The end of petrol divides Europe and changes the rules of war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This quatrain is about the tragedy that accompanies the depletion of petrol, with wars erupting between those who are unprepared. In this environment mobsters gain even greater powers and cause the nations of Europe to regroup into two units of four.

The anagrams from whuch the meaning of the text can be drawn include:

enter pulse wiser wars six less tenets deplores
Entre pluſieurs aux iſles deportes

Lune enters any day used extends goal angels grovel
L'vn eſtre nay a deux dents en la gorge

mobsters armour defiant aim filamented barrels sees rob motorbuses
Mourrant de faim les arbres esbrotes

forger power prorogue news for four I now elucid[a]te cited furore four rule
Pour eux neuf Roy nouuel edict leur forge
Amongst several transported to the isles,
One to be born with two teeth in his mouth
They will die of famine the trees stripped,
For them a new King issues a new edict.
Entre pluſieurs aux iſles deportes
L'vn eſtre nay a deux dents en la gorge
Mourrant de faim les arbres esbrotes
Pour eux neuf Roy nouuel edict leur forge

L1: <uuiSer usa repent deplores six tEnets><deplores uuars Six tEnets><usa repulSiue seed Six Enters port><uxa uSuries Slides><uuiSer uxa depetroliSes prEsent><uxa uuiser deSpoilers>

L2: <neareSt / eaStern day uxed><a yearn exuded Sent along vent><extends along><entangles any groveL enterS> deduxe

L3: <barrels fed nuMerators aim><defiant males rob arMour seers set><our Mobsters mail bearers ranted><seer rob filamented arMour bars><bearers fated miles Motorbuses run><realism fated nuMerators><malaise fed><deft aim><serb realms defiant>

L4: <euolue ductile forger new-pouuerx> <rule of nouuel cited regrouP uxe><four regrouP><neuux for euroPe><><let four regroup>(<reneuux yn four>pouuerx y ouun Prorogue furore

1: motorbuses, mobsters, grovel, forger,
2: filamented, forget-rule, lesser-bear, revenants, mobster,
3: despoilers, prorogue, extends,
4: repulsiue, fire-cult, utricle, 
5: numerators, entangles, deplores, pouuerx, barrels, fated,
6: Alexius, depose, Serbs,
7: regroup, rumors,
8: ductile, defiant, deports, goal, yearn,
9: armours, gorge, endx,
10: deposer, angelo, furore, robes, deft,
11: bearers, mouse, vents,
12: orbs / robs,
13: tangles, exuded / deduxe,
14: realism, slides, lvnes, uuars, 
15: posed, uuears / suuear / uuares, ,
16: usuries, Ormus, 
17: tenets, Ieuus / uuise,
18: present / serpent,
19: uuiles, elven, day,
20: -,
21: deport,
22: -,
23: -.

Key Ideas:

motorbuses, mobsters, grovel, forger, filamented, forget-rule, prorogue, despoilers, extends, numerators, entangles, deplores, barrels, powers, fated, Serbs, defiant, goal, robs, realism, wars, armours, furore, yearn.


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