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Nostradamus C2 Q08: Harsh cult of the future is not the most extreme.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies Centuries 2 Quatrain  Cathars reject ancient foundations at MirepoixHere in this verse Nostradamus details how the cult that threatens humanity takes its basic code from the legends of the distant past. However this is somewhat more humane than others also existing in the future that take the ancient extremes as their norms.

The anagrams within this verse that help define its unique prophecy include:

meantime Roman empires fame Morocain impalement Corona amine scares
Temples ſacrez prime facon Romaine

offenders dement recites centimeters determines stolen fog rotten legs torn off
Reiecteront les goffres fondements

oil empires steer Mirepoix euhemerist humanise Persian inhumates near neutral
Prenant leur loix premieres et humaines

Cults cements assonant chants touted distances Seas inculcates
Chaſſant non tout des ſaincts lescultements
# euhemerist: those believing that mythology has its origins in history, the gods being deified heroes of the past
Temples consecrated in the original Roman manner,
They will reject the excess foundations,
Taking their first and humane laws,
Chasing, though not entirely, the cult of saints.
Temples ſacrez prime facon Romaine
Reiecteront les goffres fondements
Prenant leur loix premieres et humaines
Chaſſant non tout des ſaincts lescultements

L1: <meanTime coRona><moRocain fame prize Scars><CaeSers impalemenT><moRon face prim crazeS><enemoi (Gk wind gods) corn prize fame> careleSs

L2: <reiect longest offers of><eRection endoRsement><deteRmines erect on longest offers><rotten legs of offenders><of longest centimetRes re-offends><~foresend Reiects legs off rotten men~> <demon sent> dements

L3: <mirepoix [ S France] Peers rule seer inhumate [buried]><Persian euhemerist [ takes myths as real]><humanise empire trees /reset><these rule premier xoil>

L4: <cult Cements less diStances out><Chants meet clues><celts aSSonant cults not Sustained><deSsicants clues>SatanS

1: impalement, centimetres, euhemerist, determines, offenders / reoffends, assonant, cements, cults,
2: re-erections, Morocain, Mirepoix, fog, inhumate, meantime, premix, corona, prize, these,
3: endorsement, reerection,
4: distances / dessicant, acidness, samples,
5: Persian-men, humanise, unlearnt, careless,
6: sustained, chastens, foresend, eternise, offers, crazes / scarez, prix,
7: dements, craze,
8: erection / neoteric, longest, car-less, scars, goes,
9: -, 
10: Stemples, chasten, Franco, cult, touted,
11: Anemoi, 
12: chants, moron, offer,
13: premieres, oilx,
14: clients, cases, Seth, pix,
15: foes,
16: Caesers, fame,
17: -,
18: Satans,
19: recite / reiect, Celts,
20: pelmets / Stemple, temples, hut, off,
21: ousted, chats, face,
22: outed,
23: caress, scares, Caf,

euhemerist, determines, offenders, impalement, centimetres, Mirepoix, cults, cements, inhumate, Morocain, meantime, these, premix, corona, prize, samples, distances, Persian-Man humanise, cut off, re-offenders, rotten legs.


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