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Nostradamus C2 Q10: Sullen people of 22nd century flirt with anarchy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse holds the story of the next century when the War ending the World-as-we know-it has ceased. The anagrams help to identify a group of stars in Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus and these are likely to have a dating function as other verses indicate many of the earth's future problems come from biologic fallout in meteor showers from the region of Perseus. The story told through the text is an expression of the disillusionment with government and leaders that prevails throughout the next century. The tone is of sullen antipathy and it is an era riddled with small scale banditry and insurrection.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

get temples outlets arranges Augean tonal lot 
Auant long temps le tout ſera range

vessicon responsiveness silence bile seen enters on person Perseus son espouse
Nous eſperons vn ſiecle bien ſeneſtre

latest stated change nebulises lest state desquamates
L'eſtat des maſques et des ſeuls bien change

repute tower owner wrote network quotas unravelling preset ill
Peu trouueront qu'a ſon rang vueille eſtre
# vessicon: a soft swelling on a horses leg.
desquamate: To peel, shed or come off in scales as with snake skin.
Augean: The Greek Augeas was renowned for his uncleaned stables, the clearing of which became one of the tasks of Hercules.
Perseus on Pegasus: in one version of the story of Perseus he was the owner of Pegasus and rode that steed in order to save the enchained Andromeda.
Before long all will be set in order,
We will expect a very sinister century,
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed
Few will be found who want to be in their place.
Auant long temps le tout ſera range
Nous eſperons vn ſiecle bien ſeneſtre
L'eſtat des maſques et des ſeuls bien change
Peu trouueront qu'a ſon rang vueille eſtre
L1: <arrange outletS><Augean star-route><arrangeS spelt out><temples routeS><arrange long temples Setout> <lot Augean gent narrateS><get Angulate solute on arreSt>

L2: <~Since no person enterS v (5) bile uSes Seen~><~bile enterS peruSes / perSeus no veSsicon (horse leg swelling) Seen~> <Sunni enterS norse Spouse><~enterS use on Silence seen bi v (5) perSons~>reSponSiveness

L3: <LateSt change nebuliSes><LesT change deSquamates (peels skin) set Seeds><Stated quested maSs Useless><blues enchain Stated Steeds Leg>

L4: <~So reset a touuer unravelling netuuorq~><arSon PeSter / PeterS netuuorq / touuer / uurote><ill rePute See touuer torn><~elSe revaluing quotaS on ouuner rePute~><ouuner Squat on route>
1: responsiveness, unravelling, desquamates, vessicnon, resolutest, nebulises, responses, Quranos,
2: revaluing, nebulise,
3: astra-route, Rosanna, persons, retells, stated,
4: netuuorq, quateron, enchain, response, narrates, quotas, squat,
5: starroute, angulate, nubiles,
6: outlets, arranges,
7: Perseus / peruses, useless,
8: quanto, Augean, agneau,
9: silence, snsvi,
10: neuroses, reputes, Sibl,
11: steeds,
12: arrange, mass,
13: latest,
14: -
15: -
16: niche,
17: -
18: stouter, outlet, ouuner,
19: espouse, repute,
20: pelmets, temples / Stempel, stout, blues,
21: -
22: solute, spelt,
23: spouse.

responsiveness, unravelling, steeds, vessicnon, mass, owner, espouse, Augean, silence, nebulise, responses, persons, revaluing, astra-route, retells, stated, network, enchain, Perseus, star-route, Sibl, narrates, latest, outlets, niche, arranges, useless, quotas, temples, repute, desquamates, blues, neuroses.

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