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Nostradamus C2 Q11: The man who holds the Messia(h) gene is a powerful foreign Francophile.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

My aims for this Analysis.

In my quest to find the verses about the genetic trail that seems to underpin many of Nostradamus verses I find that this trail takes on the aspects of a truthful tale. In this verse sense can once again be found by uniting the visible text with the rarest and most poignant of the anagrams it contains.

Nostradamus   C2Q11 Jewish Mahzor;s lines relate to birth of the Christ childThe story covers the impact of a single man upon many countries. This man is a lover of French tradition as disclosed by an anagram for Francophile and he is shown to be part of the stream about Christ's genetic line through anagrams that allude to the Messia's gene.

The narrative builds a fitting context for this stream though several anagrams that point to both Persian and Jewish heritage.

This genetically linked series was basically built by following two seemingly weak paths based on the words 'urea gene' and 'uta gene'. This device then revealed the high connectivity shown in my paper called New Man.


Anagrams from which the meaning will come include:

1. Francophile final ideals inspire infidels Persian China aliens repair ruined fields
2. Jews fosters talents rewake underage foes weak gender set jewels
3. Progressional rune launch racial cranial adorns
4. Mahzors aims sees fans easiness urged get Messia's shortest gene 

: the name of a Jewish prayer book
: the name given in Jewish literature to their saviour.

The nearest son of the elder will attain
Very great height as far as the realm of the privileged
Everyone will fear his fierce glory,
But his children will be thrown out of the realm.
Le prochain fils de l'aiſnier paruiendra
Tant eſleue jusque au regne des fors
Son aſpre gloire vn chacun la craindra
Mais ſes enfans du regne gettez hors
  1. <a francophiLe repair fields alienS ruined> <inSpire ideals> <perSian ideals ruined> <infidels Slain> <paroLe ruined china / chain airlineS fields> <ireLand francophile ideals> Learned
  2. <jeuus genders uueaq> <uueaq jeuus Sleet an(d) frosTs reneged> <urea gene> <foresend urge> <SeafronTs need>underage TalentS deforesTs
  3. <progreSSional radian> <cardinal arSon> <clovering perSonaS launch>
  4. <fans urged sense tezt gene aiMs> <~otherz aiM sunder gene Safeness get~> <fans urged eaSiness> <otherz get MeSsias gene> <~Mahzors (Jewish prayer book) fineSses teget gene asunder ~>

1: progressional, francophile,canicular, linepairs, Mahzors, finesses, safeness, otherz,
2: deforests, cranial, launch, fosters, easiness, horsez / shorez, senses, zeth,
3: infidels, inspire, finial, Jeuus,
4: cardinal, saprogen,
5: airlines, ordains, Messias, fields,
6: seafronts, Persian Ur, foresend, racial,
7: personas, Jeuu,
8: quanto, Augean,
9: -
10: talents, Oliver,
11: unrepaired, tezt,
12: unrailed, parole,
13: latest,
14: drains,
15: underage, foes, asunder
16: unpaired / unrepaid, Moiras, aqueus, radian, uuaqes, amiss,
17: feeds,
18: leanest,
19 : ideal, Jesu / jeus,
20: ideals, China / chain,
21: reneged,
22: solute, spelt, 

progressional, Francophile, Jews, Mahzors, finesses, others aims, fosters, cranial, senses, easiness, safeness, others, launch, Messias gene, urea gene, inspire, infidels, Persian Ur seafronts, foresend, ideal, talents, underage, foes, ideal, Jesu.

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