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Nostradamus C2 Q33: Major rivers act as conduits for disaster when floods wreck nuclear sites
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, Apr 2023


Nostradamus Prophecies Nuclear VersesThe anagram for thermonuclear (marcheront leu) in the fourth line of this verse helps immensely in developing the nuclear theme found in many verses as indicated by the series to the right. This cluster of verses is not just random but develops a consistent theme for a single period. Nor is it commonplace for although its focus is on aspects that relate to the future of man these don't relate to a nuclear war. Rather they tell the story of nature's impact on human dreams of endless, cheap energy.


The text of this verse makes strong reference to flows of water that wreck local infrastructure. Importantly Nostradamus indicates that actions in Italy are mirrored in France.  This theme is seen in many of the verses in this series and because it is interconnected with the way other events unfold it is becomes a crucial dating marker (See my paper on Floods for more on this aspect). The period it indicates relates to the late 21st century and beyond.


Nostradamus  Prophecies Verse C2Q33 Nuclear Thermonuclear Core Unexact torrent An anagram for Minnesong (n moins en G) also occurs and seems out of place but it does serve well as a metaphor for reaching beyond one's status for recognition (Minnesong is a 15th C song about unrequited yearning for the unattainable). This aspect is highly consistent with the thermonuclear theme since it is able to deliver great amounts of energy but requires such a strong burst of energy to commence the process that it has not yet been succesfully used.


The current hope for thermonclear power is a nuclear plant in Southern France in the region Nostradamus grew up in and ended his life. However one of the greatest threats to many nuclear plants lies in their reliance on cooling agents. It is for this reason these plants are alongside strong rivers but during a time of great flood the torrents may prove unmanageable and destructive.


The story from the anagrams in this verse is about actions designed to help the poor at the planning stage which is consistent with the malthusian theme in the other verse holding this same anagram (C10 Q64).  The curent verse also implies that safety concerns are down-played in order to relieve the squalor of the populace. The text tells us that the aftermath of flooding is at many sites in France and Italy which are ruined as the great rivers bring new genes to the towns upon the plains.


Through the torrent which descends from Verona
Its entry will then be guided to the Po,
A great wreck, and no less in the Garonne,
When those of Genes march against their country.

Par le torrent qui deſcent de Veronne
Par lors qu'au pau guidera ſon entree
Vn grand naufrage et non moins en Garonne
Quant ceux de Genes marcheront leur contree.

  1. <~Planner quieSced over decent torrent~><none eVer Scented><quit deScent> <ePernon later Vented>inducteeS repeal
  2. <reSonant squalor guide pauu><reaSon enter Polar guide> <reaSoned rePent squalor>repeal
  3. <graVen non-reasoninG><minnesoNg not agree><moon ensiGn a graVen norn>rafuna
  4. <thermonuclear core-enter Genes uxed><Queer counter unexact><Querent (seeker) unexact co-rule> marchers exude
  1. quiesced, Minnesong, non-reasoning
  2. planner, thermonuclear
  3. -
  4. none ever, squalor
  5. guide, reasoned, querent
  6. reasoning, unexact, marchers, Veronne, vented, guide,
  7. onement, Rafuna,
  8. inductees, scented / descent, pauu (paw)
  9. marches,
  10. -
  11. decent, graven
  12. parole, creams / scream,
  13. resonant, throne, quaere, heron,
  14. monies / Simeon,
  15. Garonne, varied
  16. charmer, over
  17. torrent,
  18. aduiser,
  19. reagent, Moon, ensign
  20. -
  21. Oannes, agree
  22. quid, Argo,
  23. Simon.

Epernon, planner, none ever, quiesced, squalor, guide, reasoning, decent, torrent, enter core, thermonuclear, querent, unexact, resonant, over, vented, guide, onement, Rafuna, inductees, Minnesong, graven, marches, scented, paw, Moon, ensign, agree, parole, scream, throne, quaere, heron,.



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