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Nostradamus C2 Q36: Prophet's need to overcome publishers distortions of lettering.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

One of Nostradamus immediate concerns was ensuring that his coding method would survive the process of publication. This is the setting for this verse with the text expressing his foreknowledge that his publisher Rigaud Benoist ( s bien toſ) who he considered a tyrant would change Nostradamus writings to avoid offending the king.

The anagrams contain the specific faults that Nostradamus had to overcome for it was his intent to use Persian ( rapines) asterisms ( t Maisſes) as his guide to the date applicable to each verse. In order to ensure his dates would survive he employed a method used in Nordic poetry which uses structured letter positions to guide oral memory. Nostradamus suggests that he has concentrated on the Norse letter props for his star positions which he fears his original printer, Rigaud Benoist, might alter.

The anagrams that expand on the suggestions in the text include:

And guard the Norse prophet prop else letter eSs  not print DNA
Du grand Prophete les lettres ſeront prinſes

nondeterrent elementarist study unready Milanese industry undenied
Entre les mains du tyran deuiendront

Fraud Norse ostensory sense represent printers fears
Frauder ſon roy ſeront ſes entreprinſes

Benoist Persians letter-enns retrouble nobler Masonist monasteries Asterisms
Mais ſes rapines bien toſt le troubleront
The letters of the great Prophet will be seized ,
They will come to fall into the hands of the tyrant
Whose enterprise will be to deceive his King,
But his plunders will very soon trouble him.
Du grand Prophete les lettres ſeront prinſes
Entre les mains du tyran deuiendront
Frauder ſon roy ſeront ſes entreprinſes
Mais ſes rapines bien toſt le troubleront
L1:<Sirens guard><settle poinnterS Seers useD><else print the Prop norSe letters useD><Pardon Sirens Drug><letter eSs>

L2: <nord ran study in transelement><~dane industry not Enter ruined males~><nordien Elementarist><main study><eternalism dust unready><undenied eternalism study ran> <~inuader sin males nondEterrent duty~><main study inuader rElents><letter-Enn in same study>

L3:<printerS Fear Sense not due><norSe Sirens present oStensory(non-standard Fraud><~Sounder norSe-Story represent Fairness~><safer rottenneSs ripenS><~oStensory san-seriF represent Sounder S~>

L4:<benoiSt aiMs persian nobler let-ter eSs> benoist let persians Monasteries><nobler aSterisMs route loSt ><not let persian MeSsias trouble Benoist><perSias aiMs><letS laMberton persians benoiSt route> Mentorial Montreal
1: Norse-story, ostensory, pointers, industry, undenied, unready,
2: nondeterrent, transelement, letter-enns, asterisms, fairness / sanserif, sturdy,
3: elementarist, monasteries, streamlines, enterprises, letterless, represents, letter-enn, represent, study,
4: Lamberton, frauds,
5: rottenness, Masonist, Prophet, Messias, duty,
6: eternalism, streamline / steamliner, mentorial, enterprise, letter ess, letter- en, drugs,
7: settlers,
8: guards, streets,
9: smelter, nobler, 
10: printers,
11: Milanese, Benoist, hope,
12: resettle, aroused,
13: Montreal, restores, onsets / stones,
14: sounder, prints, settle,
15: Persians, reprint / printer,
16: amiss, drop,
17: bluer, ruble, lost,
18: present / serpent, Messia, fraud, sends, dust,
19: Persias / praises / Serapis,
20: -,
21: letters, rouble,
22: -,
23: -.

Norse-story, n-pointers, undenied, industry, unready, nondeterrent, letter-enns, asterisms, sturdy, transelement, monasteries, elementarist, streamlines, enterprises, represent, Lamberton, frauds, Masonist, Prophet, study, nobler, Milanese, printers, Benoist, letter present, Persians, lost, hope.

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