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Nostradamus C2 Q37: Flanders port ravaged by lack of protein when under siege.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse tells the story of the demise of a besieged fort provide the defining details of that event. They make it clear that the inhabitants are struck down by pestis (is ſept) a form of plague carried in the filamentous (famine tous l) rhizomes (ez Hors mi) they are compelled to eat through hunger. All die except seventy equestrian horses (ez Hors- mis ſept -ante qui ſer) that are killed when the horses miss step.

The anagrams that provide the above understanding of the verse include:

year you ready cede danger Normand bondman queer Nolene
De ce grand nombre que l'on enuoyera

proves couriers land Flanders forestland Irelands felons foe star[t]s sieges
Pour ſecourir dans le fort aſſiegez

steep fate filamentous amine outlines toluenes emulations our era used
Peste et famine tous les deuorera

Equestrian inquest queries proton glif horses quaintest misstep impostress misses pestis rhizomes
Hors mis ſeptante qui ſeront profligez
# rhizome: a name given in biology to a modified underground stem of a plant sending out a mass of roots or shoots.

filamentous: consisting of filaments or rod-like shapes.
Of that great number that one will send
To relieve those besieged in the fort,
Plague and famine will devour them all,
Except seventy who will be destroyed.
De ce grand nombre que l'on enuoyera
Pour ſecourir dans le fort aſſiegez
Peste et famine tous les deuorera
Hors mis ſeptante qui ſeront profligez
L1: <you read none><ceDe year><danger raceD><and greec reaDy><queer mob lone> regarDance

L2: <~courierS pour aS forestland Siegez~><irelands Source for our ageiStS><aStrofel Seigez><flanders courierS aSSort><alfonse StarS>

L3: <~era fete our seed emulations steP~>~mine solute used or era steeP fate~><~our era outlines seed steeP fate~><toluenes used><feminate soul roused era><rePeats our filamentous seed>

L4: <queStioner a impoStress><querieS miss proton patents><equeStrian Horze miss Step on port><rHizomes aptneSs proton requites><for proteinS><norSe port quinate rHizomes peSts><equeStrian peStis (plague)><equant eruptionS>inqueSt quietenS quainteSt routines
1: filamentous, metalfusion, impostress, rhizomes, misses / seisms,
2: emulations, surreption, outlines, feminate, deuuless, horsez,
3: equatoriens, requestion / questioner, ageists,
4: forestland, quaintest, eruptions, Flanders, pestis, ready,
5: Alfonse,
6: equestrian, couriers, felons,
7: bonderman, bondman, toluenes,
8: equitant, quietens, requites, patents, courier, spies,
9: inquest,
10: antiques, patent,
11: proteins / pointers, routines, Irelands, repeaters,
12: grace,
13: floes,
14: drains,
15: aptness, queries, famine / infame, sieges, foil, stars,
16: proton,
17: -
18: solutes,
19: -
20: you,
21: risque / squire,
22: solute, fate, year,
23: floe.

impostress, misses, filamentous, rhizomes, emulations, outlines, feminate, surreption, equestrian, bondman, couriers, requestion, felons, horses, Flanders, forestland, ready, quaintest, pestis, eruptions, Alfonse, quietens, spies, requites, toluenes, patents, Irelands, inquest, queries, proteins, famine, year, fate, drains, antiques, routines, stars, aptness, proton, solutes, grace, sieges, floes.


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