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Nostradamus C2 Q38: Prophet's use of letters z m b in his code.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another verse that serves as Nostradamus commentary on the future interpretation of his lettering code. One of the import rules is that letter interchanges are used where necessary when they have the same verbal sound.

The anagrams useful to understanding this verse include:

encoders named seer afar unit bondman breeds sombre creeds
Des condamnez ſera fait vn grand nombre

land omens Qoran /Quran uses squares Romanesque icon connectors equaliz[e] Lords-name
Quand les monarques ſeront conciliez

Islam verbalism used invader admirals disarm Islam once mob realism
Mais l'vn deux viendra ſi malencombre

Israel equalize/r urge serene en[a]ble mens Norse relation
Que guere enſemble ne ſeront raliez
A great number will be condemned
When the monarchs will be reconciled:
But for one of them such a bad impediment will arise
That they will be joined together but loosely.
Des condamnez ſera fait vn grand nombre
Quand les monarques ſeront conciliez
Mais l'vn deux viendra ſi malencombre
Que guere enſemble ne ſeront raliez

L1: <encoDers named Safer z><Seerz damn no mob creeDs><it namez a Safer gvn><modern-b gvaranti>

L2:<romans reconqueSts icon liez><and solemn Square connectors><~romans reconquests li (51) icon eQual-endz~><and not quarrelSomeness><Seers models not quran><romaneSque land><omens use Norse land arq>

L3: <once iSlam invader uxed Membra (Lat:fragments)><coleman verbalisM end><iSlam invader unvxed (unused or unvexed) islaM><malaiSe driven><islaM recomb mainlanderS><arMies clean meridianS mob><once admiralS>diSarm realiSm

L4: <Seer urge em en eQualizer not Seen><Seer relation><trial norSe enblem (m for n)> reliant
1: quarrelsomeness, mainlanders, coded-names, verbalism, orientalz, equalizer, admirals,
2: connectors, meridians, disarm, vixen,
3: reconquests, Coleman, anvils, conic, namez,
4: Romanesque, vials,
5: Almeisan, models,
6: erazes, Razes,
7: bonderman, bondman, encoders, senze,
8: lords-name, oriental / relation, xvi, Zens,
9: consentor,
10: neuroses, squares, recodes, breeds,
11: deacons,
12: almoners, linc,
13: manned, breed,
14: realism, reliant, drains, creeds / screed, liez (2x),
15: Selene,
16: -,
17: encodes,
18: seerz,
19: -,
20: islam (2 in same line), amber, zees,
21: risque / squire,
22: Croton, Quoran, monad, Qoran,
23: seminal, lends,

mainlanders, quarrelsomeness, coded-names, verbalism, equalizer, admirals, connectors, disarm, meridians, vixen, relation, Coleman, realism, Romanesque, models, reconquests, namez, recodes, Islam, Qoran, creeds, encoders, bondman, sense, Lords-name, oriental, consentor, neuroses, breeds, squares, recodes, deacons, almoners, reliant, realism, creeds, Selene, encodes.



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